TEFL in Saudi Arabia - Jeddah

Date posted:2004-12-28 | Writer: Berlitz | Email: [email protected]

Berlitz Language Center is currently looking for young, dynamic native speakers of English who are flexible and able to adapt to a new style of teaching and a different culture.

Job Title: English Instructor Qualifications: New instructors will be trained in Berlitz methodology. Male instructors are required to have a recognized educational degree. An EFL/ESL certificate would be advantageous. Experience: At least one year teaching English as a foreign/second language is preferred. Position availability: Immediate. Successful candidates should be ready to relocate by February 2005. Ideal Candidate: Single males or married couples (husband and wife are required to teach). Due to our work visa restrictions only British and South African citizens may apply for the positions. Interview Dates 12th - 14th January 2005. Interviews and training for successful candidates will be held in Cape Town. Employment offer:

Contract Period: The contract is for 11(eleven) months and is renewable at the end of the contract period. The first 3 (three) months of the contract constitutes the company's standard probationary period. Basic Salary: SR 6000.00 (six thousand Saudi Riyals only) per month (Tax Free).-Please note the current exchange rate is pegged at SR 3.75 to US$ 1.00-Salaries are paid at the end of each Gregorian month Transportation: A monthly transportation allowance of SR 600.00 (six hundred Saudi Riyals only) will be provided (Tax Free). Housing: The company will provide a single instructor with a one-bedroom, furnished flat and a married couple with a two-bedroom, furnished flat for the duration of employment. Annual Leave: 15 (fifteen) days paid leave and 15(fifteen) days unpaid leave per year according to the company's leave schedule. In addition to this, all staff members are entitled to 07 - 10 days paid vacation at Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha. These public holidays follow the months of Ramadaan and Hajj respectively. Air Tickets: The company will provide the instructor with an annual single status round trip Economy Class ticket to the place of origin at the time of annual leave. Health Care: The instructor will be provided with free medical and dental insurance. End of Service Gratuity: The instructor will be paid (1/2) half a month's salary for each of the first 5(five) years of employment; and 1(one) month's salary for each of the subsequent years worked. Work Schedule: * Instructors work 6 (six) days a week-Saturday to Thursday; with Thursday being a half-day. Please note that the Saudi week starts on Saturday * Instructors are expected to teach 140 (one hundred and forty) units per month. Berlitz teaching units are 45 minutes long (40 min. teaching + 5 min. break). * If, in a month, an instructor teaches more than 140 (one hundred and forty) units, all additional units for that month will be regarded as part-time, with the instructor being paid an added SR 75 (seventy-five Saudi Riyals only) for every additional unit taught. * Travel time to and from external lessons does not count as taught units but will be tallied as travel units. * Shifts vary according to student availability and instructors are expected to teach split shifts. * Standard operating hours are from 09:00 to 22:15 (Saturday -Wednesday) and 09.00 - 14:00 (Thursday). * Instructors can expect to teach private students (one to one), groups of 4(four), 6(six), 9(nine) and 12(twelve) students per class, and conduct one/two-day English seminars to corporate clients in Jeddah and other cities in Saudi Arabia. Service Increment: After 2(two) years of service, the instructor becomes eligible for a salary increase. The salary increase will be subject to the instructor attaining a rating of ER (Exceeds Requirements) or FE (Far Exceeds Requirements) on the performance evaluation.

Application Process:

In order to expedite the application and visa processes we need to have the following documents submitted in MS Word format:

* Curriculum Vitae * Scanned passport copy * Marital status * Date of availability for relocation * Contact information

This information and/or any queries should be sent by fax to 009966 2 6681815 for the attention of Mr. Rustum Gasant, or by e-mail to [email protected]


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I have learnt the important role of the teacher in the class! If the teacher had bad attitude, the students wouldn't learn. So the teacher should always be positive. Besides, the teacher should give the studetns feedback whenever they feel confused about any words or sentences. More importantly, the classroom activities should be manipulated effectively. The activities should be designed based on the level and age of students.In this lesson I learned about the different conditional statements. I learned how each one is used in the English language for purposes of facts, future probabilities, future hypotheticals and past hypotheticals. The reported speech was a bit difficult for me, but I gathered that reporting speech depends upon the period of time the person reporting the speech is in compared to the time the statement was given by the person.