HS English Teacher

Date posted:2024-04-04 | Writer: Bahrain Bayan School | Email: [email protected]

The teacher will provide students with a positive, supportive environment conducive to learning. The teacher will teach and assess the planned curriculum. The Teacher will assess the student's achievement of the published standards. The Teacher will be a role model in developing good citizens. The Teacher will contribute to the achievement of the school’s mission and goals as well as uphold the policies and procedures of Bahrain Bayan School.


Bachelor’s Degree.

TEFL/TESOL certificate preferred.

3 years of teaching experience.

Key Responsibilities & Primary Duties1. Understands and embraces the philosophy and goals underlying the department curriculum.2. Reflects a thorough knowledge of the subject matter.3. Follows the written curriculum and year plans articulated in the curriculum.4. Participates in curriculum development collaboratively with grade level colleagues, and the department and curriculum coordinators.5. Updates all curriculum developments online and in the curriculum binder. 6. Prepares weekly plans and submits them to the department coordinator.

Classroom Instruction and Provision of Conducive Learning Environment1. Promotes self-directed, reflective learning for all students.2. Provides a student-centred environment in which active learning is promoted.3. Keeps students engaged in appropriately challenging activities, which lead to inquiry, independence and higher order thinking skills.4. Connects student’s prior knowledge, life experiences and interests with learning goals.5. Maximises student’s time on instructional tasks.6. Provides students with appropriate and timely feedback and reinforcement, sets clear standards, and communicates expectations and methods of assessments.7. Provides and maintains an orderly, attractive and stimulating classroom.8. Provides varied activities and resources to enrich the learning experience.9. Gives individual assistance to students when necessary.10. Maintains an appropriately ordered classroom.11. Attractively displays students’ work and updates displays on a regular basis. 12. Communicates and enforces high standards for student behaviour inside and outside the classroom.

Teacher - Students Relations1. Serves as a positive role model.2. Treats all students equally and fairly3. Promotes enthusiasm for learning in his/her students4. Is sensitive to the student’s needs and respects cultural expectations 5. Provides a non-threatening environment that promotes risk taking6. Maintains discipline with dignity and respect.

Record Keeping and Communication1. Maintains accurate and detailed records of student learning (skills and work habits).2. Completes report cards accurately, includes appropriate and meaningful comments, and submits them on time.3. Keeps parents appropriately informed of student progress.4. Records and submits all significant parent communications to the office.5. Maintains an accurate inventory of books and follows-up on lost books.6. Carefully collects and turns in all forms, papers, grades, reports, field trip money, lost book money etc. on time.7. Follows the appropriate procedures for student discipline.8. Maintains accurate and detailed records of attendance and tardiness.

Professional Development1. Is actively involved in professional development activities, including attending conferences, workshops and reading professional literature.2. Keeps abreast of developments in education and assigned areas of specialty.3. Works cooperatively and constructively with colleagues to positively support program initiatives.


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