Employment teaching EFL in Kuwait

Date posted:2004-11-05 | Writer: IPETQ | Email: [email protected]

Job Description: TEFL Instructor To teach Young Kuwaiti males as part of an intensive English Program. MUST BE READY TO ARRIVE IN KUWAIT BY NOVEMBER 25

Day&Times: Saturday to Wednesday 7AM to 3PM - However, Thursday is contractually a part of the working week, and is occasionally used for morning training sessions and meetings (approximately 4 or 5 times annually)

Requirements: Essential

(the Kuwaiti authorities are VERY strict about applicants meeting the following criteria. If you do NOT have ALL of the following, please don't waste your own time by submitting an application.) Native speaker of English No Maximum age limit BA (original degree certificate required) TEFL Certificate (CELTA, TEFL International, Possibly others) A minimum of 1 year's experience in teaching English to adults Reference letters (on company headed notepaper that CLEARLY show you have at least I YEAR'S experience teaching adults) ABLE TO MANAGE A CLASS OF YOUNG ARAB MALES Diplomatic, professional and culturally aware

Job Type: Open contract (single status) See below for bringing wife or children Working directly for Kuwait's leading training provider, an ISO certified company and joint venture between a Kuwaiti and UK training company


Package/Salary: Usual Middle East package

Start date: As soon as possible. We can usually process applications within 14 days. MUST BE IN KUWAIT BY NOVEMBER 25TH

How to apply: 1. In the first instance send your resume and letter of application to [email protected] 2. Suitable candidates will then be contacted by a member of the HR department for a telephone interview. Here you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and to also gain further insight into our expectations of you. If both sides are agreeable, an offer of employment will then follow and the company HR department will take over all aspects of bringing the new instructor to Kuwait.

* Within the first 2-4 months instructors will be issued with Kuwaiti residency and are then able to sponsor wives to come and join them. The Company will assist in obtaining dependant visas; however, the instructor is responsible for the dependant's visa costs (150kd one-off payment per person) and flight costs. I should stress that no-one working for our company has ever had a dependant refused entry.

General Comments Kuwait is safe and there are thousands of Brits, Americans and Europeans here teaching and working in other sectors, this means the possibilities of a reasonable social life are good. There are plenty of groups, parties, sport centers, beaches, dive sites, shopping centers, restaurants, weekend trips abroad. It's an affluent place and you can save good money.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


Modal verbs, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. The great trifecta! In this unit we concisely studied the proper use of modal verbs, and it uses; how to use the passive voice, relative clauses, with examples of defining, and non defining types, as well as phrasal verbs and it uses. We further discussed Type 1,2,3 phrasal verbs (intransitive, transitive separable, and transitive inseparable). It was great practice and review!Since I don't really have an educational degree in Teaching, I am still struggling to understand the different teaching phases such as ESA. I still need more exercises and examples so that I can fully understand. I guess it is difficult to apply if you are teaching one on one in an online environment because the only interaction you have is with one student. I wish there are more techniques and tools for applying ESA online.