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Incheon Public School Position Description


Incheon Public School is looking for English Teachers to teach classes ranging from Elementary to high school level, starting in April. Benefits include furnished accommodation and paid airfare.



1) Salary:1.8 ~ 2.3 mil Korean won (depends on the qualifications)

2)Single housing

3) 300, 000 won settlement pay

4) 100% severance pay

5) A round trip airfare

6)April 1st start

7)2 weeks (calendar day) paid vacation in summer and winter

8) 50% medical insurance, 100% industrial insurance, National pension


9) Working Schedule: 9:00am~5:00pm(Elementary School),

8:30am~4:30pm(Middle and High School)

10) Class hours

Elementary School ; Class hour - 40 mints per class - counted as

one hour

Middle School ; Class hour - 45 mints per class - counted as one


High School ; Class hour - 50 mints per class - counted as one




Working Conditions

Period of Employment: One year contract

Work hours are Monday to Friday, eight hours per day (your exact daily

schedule may vary from school to school and term to term)



Teach English classes (22 hours per week)

Lesson preparation, curriculum design, possibly teaching/tutoring your

Korean co-workers; marking tests; etc., for the remainder of the time.



Remuneration: Salary & Allowance(s)


Your monthly salary will depend on your qualifications:

Salary ranges from 1.8-2.2 million won (approx. US$ 1, 800 ~ 2, 200 per

Month, depending on level of experience).

1. Lvl. 1 Teacher (2.3mil): Have two years of full-time teaching

experience at accredited institutions plus (A) a Teacher?s Certificate for elementary or

secondary school; or (B) a TESOL/TEFL certificate (min. 100 hrs.); or (C) a Master?s


2. Lvl. 2 Teacher (2.0mil): Have (A) a Teacher?s certificate for

elementary or secondary school; or (B) a TESOL/TEFL certificate (min. 100 hrs.); or (C)

a Bachelor's degree with at least one year of teaching experience at accredited


3. Lvl. 3 Teacher (1.8mil): Have a Bachelor?s degree, but no experience or

certification as outlined above.


Payday is on the 25th day of each month (or the immediately preceding

business day if the 25th is National Holiday or on the weekend)

Settlement allowance: KRW 300, 000 (first year only), paid upon

completion of your orientation training

Severance pay: you will be paid one month?s salary as a severance

payment if you complete your one-year contract, in accordance with the Labor Standards




Your flight to Korea is paid for by the employer, with special

conditions attached; return airfare is provided upon completion of the contract

Renewal airfare: teachers that re-sign for a second year have their

round-trip home leave airfare paid for by the school



Furnished housing is provided as a part of your remuneration, and is

arranged by the school. There area three housing options:


1. A leased house/apartment whose deposit is no more than KRW 30,000,000

(don?t know about Korean housing; Google 'chunsae' or 'cheonsae' and read all

about it)

2. A rented house or apartment

3. If a teacher already has his or her own housing (or in the rare case

that housing cannot be arranged by the school) a monthly rent subsidy of KRW 300, 000

will be provided.


Furnishings will consist of a bed, a microwave, a refrigerator, a gas

stove, a kitchen table and chairs, a home phone, a wardrobe, a washing machine, and a

television, blankets, bowls, cups, utensils, etc. (total aggregate value of KRW


Maintenance fees, utilities (gas, electricity, water), and other monthly

expenses are the responsibility of the teacher


Vacation and Sick Leave

Paid vacation: seven days per semester (total 14 days), plus all

National Holidays

Unpaid vacation: teachers that re-sign after completion of their first

contract receive a 14-day unpaid home leave between contracts

Special paid leave: for your marriage (7 days), or a death in the family

(5-7 days)

Sick leave: with the approval of your employer, paid sick leave can be

arranged under special circumstances if both notice and approval occur before the

beginning of such leave and a medical diagnosis justifying such leave is submitted


Health Insurance and Other Deductions

Income Tax: tax deductions will be made in accordance with Korean law;

you can expect your income tax rate to be 3.3% (the tax rate is tied to one's

income level)

Pension Fund: you must pay into Korea's national pension fund: 9% of

your salary per month (your contribution is 4.5% and your employer matches that with

another 4.5%; citizens from certain countries may reclaim this pension payment at

the end of their contract?currently only Americans and Canadians)

Medical/Health Insurance: half your monthly fees for Korean National

Health Insurance will be paid for by your employer

Worker's Compensation: half your monthly fees for this deduction will be

paid for by your employer


Requirement Documents for the Visa processing.


Application Form

Your formal resume (Mustn?t included part time positions in Korea).

Your original university degree (B.A. degree or higher), or a notarized

copy of your degree (such notarization must be done by a Korean consulate, not a

Notary of the Public).

is an enveloped one by university.

A clear copy of the information page of your passport.

Any original or notarized copies of relevant certificates (for example, if

you have a TESOL certificate, the training time has to be appeared on the

certificate, otherwise you have to request a letter of proof that you did more than 100 hours

training to get it from the organization of certificate).

An official criminal record check.

An official medical certificate(a form is attached and you don't need to

take a blood and chest tests but you have to get a doctor's note with his/her signature

and hospital's stamp on it).

Two passport sized photos.

Reference letters which verify the year of experience in the past working


Three signed copies of your employment contract.

One is for you, one is for school and one is for immigration office.


Steps for Visa processing;


Step One: You send us the documents required for your application.

Step Two: We submit your application to the Education Board to get the

Notice of Employment Appointment.

Step Three: Your documents are processed and, after being approved, the

Notice of Employment Appointment and two copies of signed contract are forwarded to

you by Fedex or DHL.

Step Four: We let you know a tracking number of Fedex or DHL, which you

must take the Notice of Employment Appointment with one signed contract to the

nearest Korean embassy or consulate (along with your passport, as detailed below),

so that your E2 visa can be stamped into your passport.

Step Five: Your travel details are arranged, and then

Step Six: You fly to Korea, are met at the airport, and your orientation

to life in Korea



Steps One and Four are noteworthy because they involve you providing

documents to either us or to the Korean embassy or consulate nearest to you.


Joyce Kim

Recruiting Manager



T-1604 Poonglim "I Want Bldg."

255-1 Seohyeon-dong, Bundang-gu

Seongnam City, Gyeonggi Province

Korea 463-824

Telephone: +82-2-576-6556

Fax.: +82-2-576-7418

Cell Phone: +82-10-3288-9479

E-mail: [email protected]

Web Home Page: Contact us


Incheon City-Contact us

Incheon Education Board - Contact us


Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


In Unit 5 : Teaching Themes, I learned about adapting existing popular games into teaching aides. For example, using the Monopoly game, one can turn the property squares into questions, and instead of money, you actually use the house pieces if you get the question correct. In this unit, I also realized that I can use existing information from the students' respective companies to help them with their grammar and tenses!This unit is useful source of information regarding how to evaluate the group you will teach, what kind of tests we can conduct and what is their purpuse. Some problems that we can face teaching Business adults and what they expect from us. Teaching business english is different then other but it's interesting, since you have to teach special syllabulus they will need in the business. Very clear and good unit. Thank you.