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  JOB DESCRIPTION & BENEFITS - Must be a BA/BS holder with any major. - Contract: 1 year (minimum)  - 25-40 hours of teaching per week (Mon ~Fri) - Salary ranges from 2.0 to 5.0 KRW per month depending on career. - Overtime pay: 15,000~30,000 KRW per hour. - One-month severance pay at end of 1-year contract - Paid holidays (7~20 days per year) plus all Korean National holidays (14~15 per year) - 50% of the medical insurance cost paid by an employer   (Covering the period of employment) - Visa sponsored- Fully furnished single studio flat or single housing- Free airplane ticket (roundtrip) paid by the employer - Free airport pick up service====================================================== >>>>>>> ASAP POSITIONS (Start As of End of Feb ) <<<<<< 1. Location : Sinchon station Number of position : 2Foreign co-workers : 10 Teaching Hours : 30 hours a week – 10 am~ 6 pm ( AM Position 1ppl ) Teaching Level : kinder/Junior( AM ), Elementary, Middle ( PM )  Salary : 2.3 Kwon ~  Starting : End of Feb, 2008 ========================================2. Location: GangNam Type of students: Kinder/ Elementary Teaching Hours: 30 hours a week -; 9:30am~6:30Salary: Nego Foreign Coworkers: 7Start Date : End of Feb,2008======================================3. Location: Suji and YonginTeaching Level: Elementary~ Middle Teaching Hours; M~F-3:00~10:00pm(Elementary), 4:00~11:00(Middle)Salary: 2.0~2.2 million won Start Date : ASAP, End of Feb, 2008=======================================4. Location: Gangnam, Seoul  Positions: English teachers for grades K~9 Salary: 2,900,000~2,400,000 (salary depends on teaching schedule, experience, and qualifications)                                            Contract hours:          Schedule1) 9:00 am to 7:30 pmSchedule2) 2A.  MWF 9:00 am to 7:30 pm & TT 9:00 am to 5:10 pm         2B.  MWF 9:00 am to 6:00 pm & TT 9:00 am to 7:30 pm                            *Schedule 1: -Salary: 2,900,000~2,800,000 -Pre/Kinder ~ Elementary -Actual instruction hours:        9:30 to 12:30 Morning and 3:00 to 7:30 Afternoon/Evening                         (Monday through Friday) (No weekends & national holidays) -Preparation hours: 9:00 to 9:30 Morning and 1:30 to 3:00 Afternoon                                       (Monday through Friday) *Schedule 2: -Salary: 2,600,000~2,500,000 -Pre/Kinder ~ Elementary -Actual instruction hours:     2A. (MWF)9:30 to 12:30 Morning and 3:00 to 7:30 Afternoon/Evening         (TT) 9:30 to 12:30 Morning and 3:00 to 5:10 Afternoon/Evening       (No weekends & national holidays) 2B. (MWF)9:30 to 12:30 Morning and 3:00 to 6:00 Afternoon/Evening             (TT) 9:30 to 12:30 Morning and 3:00 to 7:30 Afternoon/Evening       (No weekends & national holidays) -Preparation hours: 9:00 to 9:30 Morning and 1:30 to 3:00 Afternoon                                       (Monday through Friday) Foreign Coworkers: 30Start Date: End of Feb. 2008Prefer Education and English degree holder. ======================================5. Location: Bundang Number of Positions: 1Type of Students: Elementary to Middle SchoolTeaching Hours: 120 hours a month –2:15~10:20pm (mon to fri)Salary: 2.0~ 2.5mil won Foreign Coworkers: 10Start Date: all through out the yearPrefer Education and English degree holder=======================================6. Location: Deabang ( In Central Seoul ) Number of Positions: 1Teaching level: Kinder~ Elementary Teaching level: M~F( 10:00 am ~6:30 pm )Salary: 2.4~ million won Foreign Coworkers: 10Start Date: End of Feb.2008=================================7. Location: Apgujeong ( GangNam ) Teaching level: Kinder~ Elementary Working Hours & Salary:  Type1(2.1 million won)- M,W,F 10:00am~7pm T,T 10:00am~3:00pmType2(2.0 million won)- M~F 10:00am~5:00pm Type3(2.2 million won)-M,W,F 10:00am~7:00pm T,T 10:00am~5:00pmForeign Coworkers: 9 Start Date : End of Feb.2008===============================================8. Location: GangNamNumber of Positions: 2 ( No couple ) Teaching level: Kinder~ Elementary Teaching Hours: 30 hours a week -; 9:30am~6:30Salary: 2.1~ million won Foreign Coworkers: 6 Start Date : End of Feb,2008 =================================9. Location: ILsan Type of students: Kinder to Elementary Teaching Hours: 30 hours a week -; M~F-10:00~6:00pmSalary: 2.0~2.2~million won Foreign Coworkers: 8 Start Date : End of February, 2008=================================10. Location: GangNam Teaching level: Kinder to Elementary Teaching Hours: 30 hours a week: 10;00~6 pm M~F Salary: ( Non experienced) 2.1~ ( Experienced ) 2.2~Starting Date: End of Feb, 2008  Foreign Coworkers: 2 ( newly setup school ) but will hire more soon. ==========================================11. Location: Bundang Teaching Hours: 30 hours a week Teaching Level: Kinder to Junior Teaching hrs: Case1. M.W.F-9:30~5:00 pm,T.T-9:30~3:50pm Case 2: M~F9:30~5:50 Salary: 2.4~2.6 million won Foreign Coworkers: 10 Start Date : End of Feb, 2008 (2-3 positions ) * Prefer Education or English degree holder. ========================================== 12. Location: GangNam Teaching Hours: 130 hours per month M,W,F-10:00am~7:00pm, T,T-10:00am~5:00pm Teaching Level: Kinder, Elementary Salary: Nego Foreign Coworkers: 13 Korean co-worker:10 Start Date : End of February. 2008 ===========================================13. Location: Seocho( GangNam ) Number of position: 1Type of Students: Kinder/Elementary Teaching Hours: 30 hours a week -; 9:30am~6:30Salary: 2.1~ million won Foreign Coworkers: 6 Start Date : End of Feb, 2008===================================== 14. Location: Ilsan Type of School: Big Franchise School Teaching Hours: 120 hours a month :Kinder to Middle School A : 10:00~7:10pm B: 2:30~9:30pm(mon to fri) Salary: Nego Foreign Coworkers: 8 Start Date: End of Feb. 2008 ==================================================== 15. Location : Mapo ( in Seoul )  Foreign co-workers : 10 Teaching Level: - Elementary~MiddleTeaching hours: 30 hours a week 2:00~9:00 pm Foreign co-workers : 10 Salary : 2.2M ( at least 1 yrs experience ) Starting : End of Feb, 2008 =================================================  16. Location: GangNam Teaching Hours: 30 hours a week:MWF:  9 am~6:30  pm/ TT: 9:00am~6:00 pm Teaching Level:  Kinder/Elementary  Salary: 2.1~ million won ( Prefer male teacher ) Foreign Coworkers: 5Start Date: Mar 1, 2008================================================= 17. Location: Bundang Type of Students: Kinder, Elementary ( Mostly elementary students ) Teaching Hours: 30 hours a week -; M,W,F-9:50am~6:00pm, T,T-9:50am~4:30pm Salary: 2.1 Kwon~ Foreign Coworkers: 14 Start Date: End of Feb, 2008 ================================================= 18. Location: Yeondeunpo Number of Positions: 1 Teaching level: Kinder to elementary Teaching Hours: 30 hours a week; 09:00 am - 18:00 pm M-F Salary: 2.0 million won~Foreign Coworkers: 6Start Date: ASAP,2008 ===============================================  19. Location: Near HongDae  Number of Positions: 2~Type of School: Private schoolTeaching level: Kinder~Elementary Teaching Hours : 30 hours a week - M,W,F:9:00~5:30T,T:9:00~7:10 Salary: 2.0~ 2.3 million wonStart Date: Mid of February, 2008 Prefer Education and English degree holder============================================== >>>>>>>>> POSITIONS FOR APRIL,MAY, 1 START<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  22. Location GangNam Number of Positions: 1 - Salary: 2,500,000~2,400,000 - Elementary ~ Junior High - Actual Instruction hours:  3:00~9:00 (Mon~Fri)-Preparation hours:  1:30 to 3:00 Afternoon (Monday through Friday)Start date: Middle of April, Early May,2008  This is a school that specializes in Returnee English education. These are students who have studied abroad and have had experience attending international or public/private English speaking schools throughout the world. Students in our non-returnee program are gifted students who demonstrate advanced knowledge of English or are planning to study abroad. Our school operates like an international school in our Language Arts Program making the educational transition from and to abroad as positive as possible.Prefer Education, English relevant degree holder. =================================================23. Location: Sinchon Type of Students: teaching Kinder to Junior Teaching Hours: 30 hours a week ; M.F:10:00~6:50pm,T.T:10:00~4:50, W:10:00am~2:45pm, 5:00pm~6:50 pm Salary:nego Foreign Coworkers: 10 Start Date: Mar, April. 2008 Vacation: Paid vacation 3 WEEKS!! Salary raise: 150,000~200,000kwn upon performance in every 2 month! * Must Education or English degree holder. Or relevant teaching experienced teacher=================================================24. Location: Seoul ( 3 Branches ) Type of School: Franchised school Teaching Hours: 30 hours a week-teaching Kinder to Junior ; Mon.~Fri.9:30am~7:30pm, flexible Salary: NegoForeign Coworkers: 10 Start Date: Mar, May*Only certified teacher (only teachers license holder )=================================================25. Location: Kangseo ( In Central Seoul ) Number of Positions: 3Type of Students: Kinder~Elementary Teaching Hours: 30 hours a week –10:00pm~6:00pmSalary: NegoForeign Coworkers: 9Start Date:April,May. 2008===========================================26. Location: GangNam Number of position: 3~4Type of Students: Kinder~Elementary Teaching Hours: 30 hours a week -; 9:30~5:30 , 12:00~8:00Salary: 2.0~2.2 million won Foreign Coworkers: 2 Start Date : In March, April and May 2008=================================================27 .Location: Mokdong Type of Students: Kinder~Elementary Teaching Hours: 30 hours a week –;MWF: 9:00pm~7:00pm  TT: 9:00~5:40 pm Salary: Nego Foreign Coworkers: 16Start Date: April, May . 2008* experienced teacher wanted=================================================28. Location : Joonglang Number of Positions: 1Teaching Hours : 30 hours a week - 11:00am~7:00pmTeaching Level : Kinder~ElementarySalary: Nego Foreign Coworkers: 3Start Date: End of March. April, 2008 =================================================29. Location: BundangType of Students: teaching Kinder-ElementaryTeaching Hours: -; M-F-10:00~7:00pm, 146hrs per monthSalary: 2.5(unexperienced)~ million won            2.6(experienced)~million wonForeign Coworkers: 13Start Date:April, July , 2008==================================================30. Location: Bundang Number of Positions: 1( only male )  Type of Students: Kinder-Elementary Teaching Hours: M-F-10:00~7:00pm, 10~6 pm( Flexible ) Salary: In the case of 120 hrs per a month : 2.0~2.1 Kwon In the case of 145 hrs per a month : 2.5(unexperienced)~ million won        2.6(experienced)~million wonForeign Coworkers: 13Start Date:April, 2008School to housing: 5 walking distanceVery nice area: many shops, apartments=================================================31.Location: ILSanNumber of position: 1 Teaching Hours: 30 hours a week: Teaching Level : Kinder to ElementarySalary :2.0~2.3 million wonForeign Coworkers : 5 Start Date: End of April , 2008 =================================================32.Location : Yongsan, Itaewon  Number of Positions: 1  Type of School : Private school Teaching Hours : 30 hours a week -  M~F:9~6 pm Teaching Level : Kinder / Elementary Salary: 2.0~ million won( nego) Foreign Coworkers: 5Start Date: End of Mar or End of April. 2008=================================================33. Location: Gangseo Number of Positions: 1 Type of Students: Junior, middle Teaching Hours: 30 hours a week –; 2:00pm~9:00pmSalary: 2.1~ million wonStart Date: May .2008=================================================34. Location: GangNamTeaching Level: Elementary~Middle teaching Hrs: 1:00~9:00pm/2-10 pmSalary :2.2~ million wonForeign Coworkers :18Start Date: End of Mar, April. 2008=================================================35. Big Franchised English School (For Gyopo and Native )  ( over 80 schools in all over Korea ) *Teaching Hours: approx. 100 hours per session (one month) * Working Hours: approx. PM 2:00 ~ PM 9:00 ( actual working hrs per a day is 5~6 hrs) * Salary: 2.0~ million KRW (depends on your qualifications/experience) Housing allowance will be provided. * Round trip airfare * Accommodation is provided and paid by the school ( if you have a housing, housing allowance will be provided) * Health insurance provided (paid 50% by you and 50% by the institute) * Class size: 5~10 students * 14 days paid vacation + All Korean national holidays per year * Native English Teachers / Gyopo-Korean Bi-lingual teachers ' * Minimum BS/BA in any field from an accredited College or University. * Commitment to a 1-year contract * Teaching Experience is preferred but not essential================================================== [Option2 : Hourly Salary Base ( which is more popular )]  Hourly: 25,000 ~ 40,000 KRW per hour (2.28 ~ 4.8 MIL KRW per month)- Guarantee a min 96 teaching hrs per a month ( 4 days per week) though many instructors work an average of 120 hrs (5 days per a week) - Hourly payment: 25,000 Kwon ~ 40,000 Kwon( 25$~$40 per a hour )  - 7 days unpaid vacation, - Housing : Key money 5 Mil Won will be provided (School faculty recourses department will assist you in each process of finding a place in your preference, you can save real estate broker fee of 250,000 to 400,000 depending on the location and value of the apartment) >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ******** How to apply *********  Please email your formal resume and recent photo thru [email protected] with the following fields: * English Teaching experience: Yes ( ), No ( ) * If Yes, Some description ( Where, How long): * Teaching certificate: Yes ( ), No ( ) * Major/ Minor in the University: * Nationality: * Available date: * Date of birth : * Preferred Location : Big City ( ) City ( ) Town ( ) Doesn’t matter ( )  ex) Specific name such like Seoul, Pusan  [                ] * Preferred teaching age : * Expected Salary Range :* Do you prefer private school or public school or doesn't matter? ( In the case of having teaching experience in Korea before ) * Tel # that We can reach you: * Requirements:--------------------------------------------------------  ACE Career Consulting   WooSung B/D 7F. # 94-14, YoungDeungPo 7Ga,YoungDeungPo Gu,TEL:  [email protected] consultant---Michael KeeHomeWeb site:  We are licensed and registered company 

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


In this lesson I re-examined my knowledge of Past Tenses. Every test leads to more discovery. I can know feel confident in my ability to teach a class successfully. There are many rules you need to follow when forming a past tense sentence and irregular verbs can be a real pitfall for students learning english for the first time. I am looking forward to building a class lesson plan to tackle Past Tense issues.This unit explains phonology and how to teach pronunciation to foreign students. It is a difficult thing to teach because this is not something that natives were taught, they simply adopt it through time. I find that stress and the articulation sections to be most difficult. It is very technical and goes into depth of how words are produced. It is indeed useful to know, and to refer to when teaching phonetics.