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English teachers required for private and public schools in Seoul and surrounding areas. Students range from 6-15 years old with abilities from beginner to intermediate level. Benefits include attractive salary, furnished accommodation and paid holidays.




1. More information about the schools

There are two type of schools:

1) Private English institutes (after school program) located in Seoul and

Seoul suburban area. ATC has around more than 80% set clients so that we can always give very realistic information about schools and can provide a current teacher's email or phone number to contact.


2) Public Elementary, Middle, High school under the Board of Education,

Gyonggi Do (in surrounding area of Seoul City)

We're selected firm by Board of Education to hire teachers for public

schools. Public school terms start from March, Sep. of each year. and they

need more qualified teachers such as BEd. MEd. holders or TESOL, TEFL cert.



2.Health conditions and precautions to take in the new area

All teachers can take up Korean National Medical Insurance like other all

Korean citizens. This card will cover pretty much all illness and it covers around 80% of medical fee as well as prescription fee. Every month, teachers have to pay around 2.2% out of monthly paycheck and employer will pay an additional 2.2%.


3.Understanding the teaching contract and terms

For private institutes, contracts are different up to each school.

However, we look over the contract before submitting it to the

teacher. and if there's any illegal sentences, we ask the school to delete them or revise the contract.

For Public school teachers, the contract is always the same.

If you want to, we can email a sample contract to you upon request.


4.Information about the students they will be expected to teach (Ages,

levels, etc.).

For Private Institutes - from age 6 ~ 15 years old. (Level is from

Beginner ~ Intermediate)

For Public schools - we have each elementary / middle/ high school group,

too and their level is focused on beginner level pretty much.


5.Financial stability of the school

For public school jobs, it's under the Board of Education so that

there'll be no other financial problems at all.

Also, for private English institutes, since they're our set clients, if

there's any financial problem, we cut the relationship and don't offer teachers anymore.

And, we're not dealing with new opened school. All of our schools have been

Operating for more than 1 year ~ 10 years around.


6.Housing information

Please check up

Contact us

We posted some of sample housing photos on there.

It's single studio type and it'll be semi furnished (TV, Bed, Table, Gas,

Freezer, Washing Machine, Fan or A/C, Phone ...)


7.Access to other native or English speakers in the area

We have more than 800 ATC alumis so if they want to get any ref. from

them, we can always support them our alumni's email or phone number.

Also, we can provide a current teacher who's working in that school where

your teacher is going to work.

Furthermore, since we recruiting teachers mainly in Seoul or Seoul

suburban, all teachers can meet other English teachers in the same town.

Seoul is getting very westernized at the moment and through our

teacher's community website. Contact us.

All ATC teachers can get other teachers' contact address or making their

own community blog or small site on it .


8.Availability for communication with home (access to internet, phone,

post, etc.)

Seoul and Seoul area , schools and housing bldg. all have ADSL internet

line on it. so, all teachers can hook up the internet line on their laptop and can use

very fast internet service at home.

Also, there're a lot of PC room (Cafe) and it costs around $ 1~2 per

hour. Around 80% teachers do buy second hand cell-phone in Korea and then buy

intl. phone card so, they can talk to home wherever they go everyday.

We do have UPS FEDEX DHL courier service as well as cheap postal office

intl. service. So, it's no problem to send stuff home in 3 ~ 4 business days.


9.Opportunities for travel within the country while teaching

During 1 year contract, there'll be 2 weeks vacation (1 week for summer

/ 1 week for winter)

During that time, usually teachers travel to Japan, Taiwan, China

and Phillipines.

And There'll be paid national holidays so, if holiday falls on

Friday, teachers can have Friday ~ Sunday holiday so can make a short trip to

Korea or in next country.

Around 70% teachers do travel to at least one more foreign country while

they're teaching in Korea.


10.Information about the living conditions in the area.

If teachers see our website Contact us, then they can read

living conditions in Korea ..

There're all bunch of information about living in Korea, teaching in



Usually, teachers do get around USD 2000 / month and around 10% is

deducted for income tax, medical insurance, apt. utility fee (USD50~100/m)

And for one person, around USD 500 ~ US 600 is enough for food and

living expenses. A lot of teachers transfer around USD 1000 or more every month to

pay off their student loan or for obligations back home.




If you visit our websites Contact us

you can get a lot of useful information from there.


To apply, or if you have any further questions, please contact: [email protected]




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