TEFL in Campobasso, Italy

Date posted:2007-07-09 | Writer: Saxoncourt | Email: [email protected]

Vacancies at the British School of Campobasso, a member of the British Schools of English (more from their website at Contact us)

This is a small school with five classrooms situated in a quiet residential area. Nearby facilities and amenities include a swimming pool, a gym, several libraries, two commercial centres and several shops.

The school was founded in 1984 and became part of the British Schools group in 1998. It is quite small, with approximately a hundred students, many of whom have attended for a number of years. Classes are small usually between 8 and 10 and the students are co-operative and keen to learn. The school is housed on the first floor of a relatively new building and the classrooms are bright and well appointed. There is an excellent resource centre, a computer with Internet access for teachers and tea and coffee making facilities. Most teaching takes place in the afternoon and early evening, from approximately 15.15 to 20.30. Mondays to Fridays, although there could be occasional morning classes.

Campobasso is a small, quiet, crime-free city with plenty of pubs and restaurants and a couple of night clubs. Its population is about 60, 000 people. The surrounding countryside is beautiful and there are places to visit nearby: villages, archeological site and natural reserves. A ski resort is only 45 minutes away and the sea is one hour away. Rome and Naples are also close enough for a day trip.

  • EUR 900 net salary
  • CELTA or equivalent essential
  • Minimum 1 year's TEFL experience

To apply contact: [email protected]

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


I found a good number of useful practice exercises for my learners here. Most of them find the second conditional and the third conditional the most confusing because of the similarities in past verb forms and modal verbs associated with the past. Reported speech is usually a bit tricky when it comes to explaining the shift in adverbs of time and place too. I will definitely use the suggestions here in my lessons.In this Unit I have learnt about the 2 receptive skills which are reading and listening. I understand that sometimes we use reading and listening for different reasons, sometimes as a purpose and other times for entertainment. I see now it is important to choose topics which will be of interest to the students, and keep the topics varied, this will keep there attention and make the lessons more enjoyable for them.