Employment teaching EFL in Ireland

Date posted:2007-07-11 | Writer: Call in progress | Email: [email protected]

French language school is looking for self employed ESL teacher with Irish or Scotish accent to give at home phone lessons.

Each telephone class is 30 minutes in length and is remunerated at 7, 5. (15 / hour). This rate corresponds to the following services: preparation of the telephone class, the telephone class itself, the administrative and educational follow-up to the class.

If interested, please send c.v to [email protected]

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Pretty detailed summary of special classes, their differences, advantages and disadvantages. More than interesting reading. Made me contemplate approaches I would like to try and consider the best usage of all mentioned tools (questionnaire etc.). It was good to think about it and find out what is my personal preference. Even though sometimes you just cannot choose. It's good to count with everything and be ready.I enjoyed this section of the course because it breaks down individual parts of teaching. I was already applying this in my classroom, but this offered me more information as to the significance of each stage of learning. It also provided a range of games and practical applications of a technique I regularly use. This allows for there to be greater depth to my teaching and the practical application of these ideas.