Great Opportunity to Teach TEFL in Indonesia

Date posted:2009-08-03 | Writer: EF Bogor | Email: [email protected]

Teaching Opportunities next to the world famous Bogor Botanic Garden: Posts available in January, February, March and April 2010 in Bogor, Indonesia

You may have heard of the world-famous Bogor Botanic Garden in Java, Indonesia. This is Indonesia's first and foremost botanic garden and ranks amongst some of the most well known gardens in the world. The 87 hectares of beautifully kept trees, plants, flowers, lawns and ponds lie smack in the centre of Bogor, The gardens border the Presidential summer palace.
Bogor is about 60 km south of Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia and you will need only one hour to get to Jakarta as you can take a scenic toll road. It was an important hill station during Dutch times, from the 17th century. Today Bogor has almost become a suburb of Jakarta, but is a good base for nearby mountain walks. Its altitude is only 290m, but it is appreciably cooler than Jakarta. The school location is also close to south beach of west java, Palabuhan Ratu, popular beach for surfer. It is about 2,5 hours away. Some teachers have motor bikes where they can get there almost every weekend and the Puncak tea plantation is about 45 minutes ride.
EF Bogor has been operational since 1997. The school is equipped with the latest in teaching aids, materials and educational multi-media technology. The school has a Director of Studies, 9 native teachers and 4 Non-native (Indonesian) English teachers with 600 students.
We are looking for EFL teachers with a minimum of CELTA, TEFL, TESOL or equivalent.
In some cases other qualifications will be considered, depending on the nature and extent of experience.
Our next available vacancies will be for January, February, March and April 2010.
The ideal candidate will be someone who works well in a team, able to accept the differences and see things in a positive way, likes meeting people, making friends and has the ability to adapt to living in a developing country.
We offer a comprehensive compensation package, including :
-Competitive salary allowing a comfortable lifestyle and travel
within Indonesia.
- The return airfare from your country is provided by the school
(50% will be reimbursed in one month and the rest will be on the completion of the contract)
-22 days paid leave.
-Accommodation assistance.
-Medical insurance.
-Incidental medical allowance.
-A renewable one year contract.

Please send your full CV to get more information to:
Lydia, HRD Secretary, at the e-mail address given on the job heading.
We would like to thank all applicants for their interest, but regret that only those qualified will be contacted. However, all resumes received will be kept on file for future positions.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This unit went more in depth on the particulars of the present tense. It truly is an interesting review of grammar. I find this more in depth approach to be of more use then the general overview presented earlier. Although my students are generally too young for this to be explained in the classroom, I find that as a teacher it is helpful to be aware of what language patters we are exposing our students to.This whole unit is concentrated in receptive skills(Reading and Listening) which gives us an overview of why we read or listen (for entertainment or for specific purposes).It also offers a wide variety of subjects to approach the difficulties of learning English language. It allows us to know the contents and areas we have to take into account in order to get succesful result in teaching receptive skills.