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Date posted:2006-10-26 | Writer: Start Language School | Email: [email protected]

Start Language School in Kosice, Slovakia is a new small private language school and is hoping to recruit full-time (15-20 60-minute lessons per week) native-speaker teachers to start as soon as possible.

For full time teachers accomodation is provided and our pay is competitive for Eastern Europe (above the national average salary for all jobs) and it goes a long way out here in Slovakia however when converted to western currency it is not so impressive. We teach using the direct method, so no knowledge of Slovak is required.

We would like teachers who have at least one of TEFL training or previous work experience, and above all, must be native speakers. You must be 100 percent comfortable teaching beginners who cannot understand dictionary-type explanations of words. As Slovakia is now part of the EU, you must have permission to work here (typically you will be British, Irish or Maltese unless your spouse is from Europe or you have dual citizenship in another EU country).

As the fact that all of our teachers are native speakers forms part of our marketing we are unable to consider applications from non-native speakers regardless of proficiency in English or length of time spent in English-speaking countries.

We hope you take this last chance to live and work in "the wild east" of Europe.

Richard Swales

[email protected]


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Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This was another shorter unit but again I found it interesting and it made me think about the importance of accuracy and fluency. It is important that I am allowing the students to learn and grow for themselves. I don't want to jump on every mistake that is made. It is important that the students have the correct information. Yet, it is also important that the students are confident in themselves and their abilities.This section was taught me the different types of examinations there are. I found it interesting the different types of exams that are available and the different stages they are used for. I completely agree with the use of placement, diagnosis and progress exams. It would be a disservice to student s to not allow them to take their progress. The only way they can learn is it they see their mistakes and correct them.