TEFL in Cakovec, Croatia

Date posted:2006-08-22 | Writer: Jezicno uciliste Barbare Mocnik | Email: [email protected]

We are looking for a native English teacher.

Details: Working in a busy environment, this teacher must be able to work independently and be highly motivated. Our school places a great deal of emphasis on training. The successful applicant will be able to hold workshops for the other non-native teachers; teach to a wide range of English abilities ; enjoy teaching a variety of ages and be able to bring a unique sense of learning fun to the classroom.
Experience of teaching professional, specific and business English is preferable. The main field of work is adults, business English and Cambridge exams.

Qualifications: CELTA /TEFL or equivalent. Minimum contract 1 year. At least two years teaching experience preferable. Minimum age 25. British nationals only.

Salary and benefits: The salary we offer is cca 5000 - 5500 kunas or cca 680- 750 EUR depending on teacher's experience. Our native speakers were satisfied with the salary and could live comfortably in Croatia. You can earn extra money with overtime and additional responsibilities. All taxes are paid by the school. Health insurance and pension contributions are also paid by the school. The school will provide you with a fully furnished apartment close to the place of work in the centre of Cakovec. The rent will be paid by the teacher.

Contact: Barbara Mocnik, A. Starcevica 57, Cakovec, Croatia; tel +385 40 363 511; fax: +385 40 364 977; E mail:[email protected]

Deadline: 1st September or until the position is filled

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


In the learning of english language it is highly recommended to teach the different conditionals and being able to recognise the difference between a direct speech and reported speech. Having this education will help students understand sentences and situations according to the different tense (past, past simple, Present perfect etc. This will benefit them with structure of and understand more of the english language.Modals,phrasal verbs and passive voice. The passive voice is used when we want to emphasize the action ,the verb and the object of a sentence rather than subject,is either less important than the action itself or that we don't know who or what the subject.Forming the passive voice the passive voice is not a e voice which is created by using a form of the auxiliary tense in english each tense has its own passive voice.