Teach EFL in Ukraine

Date posted:2003-12-09 | Writer: The London School of English | Email: [email protected]

The London School of English Group in Ukraine is a British/ Ukrainian company with schools in Kiev, Odessa and Donetsk Ukraine employing 17 teachers from the United Kingdom and America, providing English to 1000 students.

We offer:
- A year contract based on a maximum of 24 contact hours per week (Monday to Friday).
- $ 750 per month - this is more than enough to live comfortably and save.
- furnished accomodation + electicity, gas and water (you only pay the phone bill).
- A school doctor.
- 4 weeks paid holiday.
- A professional teacher development programme.
- Opportunities for promotion.

The London School of English is currently looking for ..

CELTA qualified ELT Teachers

2 Years experience
Experience with young learners and adults
$750 pcm + benefits

CELTA qualified 'Senior Teacher' of Business English for its Kiev school.

3 years teaching experience
Experience teaching Business English
Experience in preparing tailor made material.
$850 pcm + benefits

For more information please contact Nicholas Morris [email protected]

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This unit is very informative and useful because it explains the different aspects of classroom management. I've learned so much in the topics being explained in details which include classroom arrangement, how to establish rapport with my students, how to use voice effectively, how to deal with students who are misbehaving and how to impose discipline. Suggestions, tips and reminders enlightened me a lot on how to manage classes.In this unit the present tense is covered. There are four aspects to the present tense: present simple, present continuous, present perfect and present perfect continuous. For each aspect of the tense, the grammatical structure is presented, along with the usage of each tense, example sentences in affirmative, negative and question form, typical mistakes/errors students make, as well as sample teaching ideas for the activate stage.