TEFL Qualified Teachers Needed Urgently in Kent, England

Date posted:2012-07-17 | Writer: Vacances Vivantes Belgium | Email: [email protected]

Vacances Vivantes", Belgian youth association, is looking for English native EFL teachers to teach a group of Belgian teenagers in Otford, Kent. Students range from 12 to 18 years old in groups of about 11 students each. The job involves teaching around four and a half hours a day and escorting students on excursions to London, Canterbury and Brighton. In the evening there are activities organised by 3 group leaders and a main group leader. Benefits include full board accommodation at Oak Hal Manor - Kent

How to apply

Further information : send a mail to the e-mail address given on the job heading. Project Leader and Main Group leader for Vacances Vivantes Belgium.

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This unit provided a lot of information about teaching methods and pedagogy. I found this section slightly overwhelming because of the sheer volume of information. That being said, I also found it incredibly helpful and informative, and I definitely plan on saving it as a PDF and using the examples provided in my classroom. I feel that I have far more teaching tools now after completing this section.This Unit has been very important for me because I learnt something about some special groups, which are all situations that I have already experienced. Moreover, it gave us some information about teaching to Young Learners and Teaching Business English, which are two parts I am going to study in the next modules, so I am glad to have seen that there are some interesting strategies for these aspects.