TEFL in Czech Republic - Mlada Boleslav

Date posted:2006-11-22 | Writer: Hampson CS Ltd | Email: [email protected]

Hampson CS Ltd. (Contact us) , a private language school, is currently looking for English as Second Language teachers (native speaker) from 4th January 2007 for full-time contract. Our teaching includes business clients, general English, children, teenagers. Classes have between 5-8 students. We are located in Mlada Boleslav about 50km northeast of Prague. We are a school with a different approach; we create a very relaxing environment with music, fun and new-age philosophy. Our students range in age from 4 years to 65 years and come from all walks of life. As a native speaker you?d be assisting classes in turn with Czech teachers and independently teaching conversation and one-on-one courses in Mlada Boleslav. You would also be teaching one week intensive courses (once, twice a month) at our Learning Farm. These courses require students and teachers to live and learn together for seven days of English, English, English! You will have a flat located 2 minutes, on foot, from the school which we will pay the rent. You have free internet access at school. Hampson will also supply you with a mobile phone.

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It is clearly that the teacher should not rely only on a coursebook. Instead, there are plenty of choice if speaking of teaching aids, especially nowadays. Such as IWB, OHP and other Video and visual aids could play an essential role in lesson efficiency. No matter how the students are motivated we still need to capture their attention and be interesting enough so that all the information would be heard and absorbed.A really exhaustive list of resources for nearly any occasion. Judging by some technologies mentioned, it is pretty outdated, but I have not checked actual availability. This will be useful anyway. When I identify a teaching need, I will search the document for a relevant keyword and something will probably come up. Although maybe just doing a search on Google or YouTube can yield equally adequate results these days.