Full-time EFL Positions in Costa Rica

Date posted:2016-03-08 | Writer: Idioma Internacional | Email: [email protected]

Idioma Internacional has full-time EFL positions for March and April and onwards We are a language institute based in a busy downtown neighbourhood of San Jose, celebrating over 15 years of providing quality instruction and communicative solutions to companies around the Central Valley.

Our Corporate English division is staffed by a dedicated team of professional, highly trained teachers, who travel to our clients in the Central Valley to deliver top-quality business English, to both local and international corporations. Additionally, we also manage accounts with an NGO here in Costa Rica, delivering scholarship-based lessons to high school students.

Working with Idioma Internacional offers an incredible experience to broaden both professional TEFL and personal skills. With initial and ongoing training as well as a program in certified professional development, our teachers continue to strengthen their teaching skills throughout their time here both in and out of the classroom. This experience comes hand in hand with making a tangible impact on the lives of Costa Ricans throughout the country.

Our teaching staff are talented, diverse, caring and committed, both to the students we teach and to helping their fellow teachers throughout their careers here. In return for these qualities in our staff, we offer teachers a professional and reliable work experience and the opportunity to make a difference, alongside a fun and diverse team of colleagues. Further to this, we have a highly competitive package of salary and benefits. All teachers earn between $650 - $1,000 per month, working from 18 – 30 hours per week. Some of the many benefits our teachers enjoy include:

Competitive salary; paid vacations and holidays; ‘aguinaldo’ (13th month pay); pension

Legal work visa and full legal working rights

Health insurance via enrollment on the Caja national health care system

Initial and ongoing training; mentor programs; professional development

Bank account provided; assistance in finding housing and setting up cell phones

Our requirements for our teachers are:

Native level English speaker

Bachelor's degree (preferred in fields related to teaching or English)

TEFL or TESOL certified

Preferred: 2 years teaching experience


To apply for this opportunity, please send your recent resume to the email address given on the job heading. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


The example activities/worksheets were really nice to have and provided great ideas for future use. I also enjoyed reading the advantages and disadvantages of using the coursebook. The breakdown of authentic and created material was a good tool as well. I never considered the materials separately, do it was nice to have the breakdown and gain understanding of when and when not to use each.I enjoyed learning about the different methods and lesson plan models. I also appreciate the activity examples given. There were more specific details given in this chapter than there was the prior one and I am grateful for that. However again, with this test. The hypothetical questions are cumbersome. Direct questions are more useful to gauge if I have actually learned anything concrete.