TEFL Position in Beijing, China

Date posted:2009-11-04 | Writer: Aihua | Email: [email protected]

Aihua is an Irish run school that has operated in west Beijing for over 9 years. We help our teachers in all aspects of their adjustment to life in China, and we always deal fairly with them. Payments are never late or adjusted: we never quibble over the terms of the contract. We have an excellent teacher training program, regular Chinese classes geared to appropriate levels, and an English speaking administrative staff who are ready to help teachers with any problems they may face.

Furthermore, we have experienced foreign staff members who have been with us for four to eight years, and who are more than happy to show new teachers the ropes. Many of the foreign teachers who have passed through Aihua are still teaching in China, and continue to be close friends of the school.

Shijingshan, our district in the west, is unlike the more westernized east of Beijing, or the student district in Haidian. Here, you will experience what it is like to live in China, and not in any other international city. Furthermore, the cost of living is much lower out here, though if you want a break from China it is only a 40 minute subway ride to “western town,” Beijing’s inverse of China town. From Shijingshan, we can see the mountains to the west of Beijing, and we often organize trips to scenic, historic or cultural spots to the west of Beijing.

We typically have 15 foreign teachers with us, and 40 Chinese members of staff. Although we teach all levels of students, the majority of our students are young learners, of primary school age.

Now, we are hiring foreign TEFL teachers to fulfill one year contracts. We need two teachers to start in December, and two more to start in February.

1. The monthly rate of pay is 6000 RMB net for 78 teaching hours per month. Overtime and under time payment are calculated monthly. Overtime is paid at a rate of 120 RMB per hour.

2. After 12 months, the monthly rate of pay will increase to 6500. After 24 months, it will increase to 7000.

3. Teachers are provided with school accommodation or a housing allowance of 1200 RMB per month.

4. At the completion of a one year contract teachers receive a bonus of 8000 RMB.

5. Teachers are entitled to 10 days paid holiday per year.

6. Teachers are paid for Chinese public holidays.

7. The school provides Travel Accident and Emergency Service Insurance for Beijing Foreign Experts.

8. Costs involved in acquiring a Z-visa for the teacher through standard procedures are covered by the school.

9. If a teacher takes on management duties for the school, an additional contract is drawn up, with additional wages and benefits to be added to the teaching wages and benefits.

10. Incoming airport transfer is provided by the school.

11. The teacher is provided with orientation and training.

12. Chinese lessons are provided by the school. The teacher is entitled to a one teaching period lesson per day 5 days per week, from Monday to Friday. Additional free lessons may be negotiated.

13. The teacher is not required to work on Christmas day.

If interested in working at Aihua, write to the e-mail address given on the job heading.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This unit is grading students in verious levels. It also the different ways or roles a teacher plays in the class.This Unit has helped me to understand that as a teacher the roles (facilitator, prompter etc) are very important.Also nervous students and other problems that may arise in class or be brought to class like culture and costom are issues I won't have known how to mannage without reading this unit.I've always hated taking tests and the idea of tests but this unit has helped me understand that different tests are used for different things. Diagnostic tests are similar to placement tests and are more extensive. They're given at the start of the course. Practice tests are given before tests and progress tests are given to measure what the students have learned. Each test is given for a specific reasons.