TEFL in Wuxi, China.

Date posted:2002-10-21 | Writer: Garry Jer & Associates. | Email: [email protected]


Wuxi has numerous historical sites and parks of which annually attract millions of tourists. With a population of four million, WuXi is a dynamic city with several rapidly growing industries, especially in computer technology. According to government statistics, Wuxi and its surrounding areas contribute up to twenty percent of the total national revenue.

The Wuxi Mega Foreign Language Institute is situated in downtown Wuxi and offers English learning in a friendly environment. We provide complete teaching materials and in the future expect to reach thousands of students. Our teachers are highly regarded in Wuxi. Our students range from children to adults. We are constantly in need of new teachers.

Desired Qualifications: Native English speaker. College degree. TEFL / TESOL/ CELTA teaching qualification or equivalent certificate will be ideal but not required. Teaching experience preferred, not required. Energetic and pleasant personality is essential. Enjoy teaching and being around people.

Compensations: Actual round-trip airfare (up to USD800) with twelve months contract or one-way airfare with six months contract (up to USD400) will be reimbursed. Private room & board. Accidental Insurance coverage paid. We organize working visa and expert certification. Monthly salary starting from RMB5, 000 (about US$600) up to RMB6, 400 (about US$800). *China°Øs cost of living is very affordable and the aforementioned rate is considered an executive salary.

25 actual teaching hours per week.

Please forward your resume, references and back-up information to start teaching ASAP. Foreign teacher reference available, upon request.

Alfred Wong, Head of Foreign Teachers/Study Department. Mega Foreign Language Institute/Wuxi, China Email address: [email protected] Phone: (0510)273-5427 Fax: (0510)273-5431

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This unit explores modal auxiliary verbs with active and passive voices alike, but not limited to phrasal verbs and relative clauses. It broadly covers modals and its usages in expressing degrees of formality in the present, future and past meanings. It was taught that only transitive verbs are used in the passive, while with intransitive verbs(verbs not followed by an object, such as sleep,come,seem e.t.c) are not used in the passive.i just learned that the productive skills are two: speaking and writing, both are really important to communicate with other people. Now i can get the difference between accuracy and fluency and how those need to be equally involved in the lesson structure. Also the writing needs a good handwriting or at least clear, being also careful with the spelling and punctuacion going through the obstacles of the native language of the students.