TEFL in Chongquing, China.

Date posted:2002-10-28 | Writer: Crown Living English Center | Email: [email protected]

Date: Sunday October 27 2002
What follows ( SEE BELOW) is a description of a unique program ("Relaxed Living") offered at our Center; in addition we are offering regular English programs for all ages, including IELTS programs. Currently we are registering to become an LCCI Registered Training Center. We have five foreign native speakers and four native-Chinese assistant teachers as well as 12 Chinese-English staff.

Contracts for one year; 4000-6000RMB monthly;advance available after arrival; free accommodation-fully equipped and furnished with private bath; two or three bedroom units; allowance paid for special accommodation if desired by teacher.

Immediate requirement for more staff of native English speakers; free airfare after one year, half after six months; profit sharing; 20 hours weekly; o/t (optional)100 RMB; owner-sponsored trips
Please contact ; send resume and phone number of self and one work reference; contract immediately available; use tourist visa to enter, we convert to Z visa.

Relaxed Learner Program
CLEC has designed a unique method for students who wish to enhance their Oral English abilities in our unique western environment.Please read the following:

In the Relaxed Learning Center there has been designed a western coffee shop; exercise/fitness/conditioning facility complete with sauna and showers; restaurant; and Internet CafE (with English Language computers). In addition, our Relaxed Learners can view western movies, music and American TV programming not found anywhere else in China on our 150 inch movie screen.

Learners in the CLEC RL Center can exchange with each other and talk FACE TO FACE with foreign native English teachers, in addition to our regular Chinese staff who also speak English. Relaxed Learners will enjoy a 10% discount on meals and beverages in the Center, and at stores throughout the Crown Building Shopping Center. They can also join the ENGLISH CORNER at the end of each week and the ENGLISH PARTY at the conclusion of each term.(Halloween Party on Oct. 31!)

Our immediate needs most specifically are: UK and US candidates, special interest, training, and experience with children's teaching; also candidates with business (i.t.and e); Of course, preference is given to formal education, and teaching experience in area of specialization, including TEST, TEFL. Your availability date is of high priority: we require teachers immediately; candidates presently in China (or nearby) are very acceptable. You may send resume and phone number(s)

phone (8623)63860553; fax (8623)63636847


Don Lounder, Academic Director, CLEC (Chongqing Living English Center), Chongqing, Sichuan, PRC. [email protected]

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


Many teachers are concern about the choice whether or not use a course book. Some teachers prefer to create his/her own materials. The teacher must also decide that the students should do with material. Some material could be used for different task at different levels. Actually in my case I am balance with the course book and creative material. I think that a syllabus need to be designed from the teacher so will be graded of students.This lesson was by far the most challenging yet. There should be a clarification on page 13 that clearly describes the differences between the phonetic alphabet and the phonemic alphabet, because the way it's written it is unclear and confusing. Beyond that, and the fact that I keep getting an error that won't let me submit this test, despite having repeatedly written over 50 words, this was a very practical and useful lesson and test.