TEFL in China - Shenyang (2)

Date posted:2004-08-10 | Writer: Shenyang University | Email: [email protected]

Shenyang University of Technology (Shenyang Li Gong University) seeks qualified English teachers.

1 year contract available to NATIVE English speakers who are able to
commence work 23rd (or 30th)Aug, 2004.

Shenyang University of Technology (Contact us)
is a comprehensive university in Shenyang, Liaoning Province. The
university has 2000 teachers in total, and 18, 000 students. The
university has 11 colleges, 3 departments, 4 management functions.
The university has 31 bachelor subjects and 12 majors for Master
students. Additionally, in the coming weeks our university will open
its new library (the centerpiece of our campus, ) which will be one of
the largest in all of Asia.

Shenyang, capital of Liaoning Province, is one of China's famous
cities, covering an area of 13, 007 square kilometers and with a
population of 6.5 million.

Contract Period: 23rd (or 30th)Aug 2004 to 15th July 2005
Expected arrival date at school: 15th ?C 30th Aug 2004
Monthly Salary: RMB 4, 000
Students per class: 40
Working Time: Monday to Friday day time
Holidays: New Year - 1 day Jan 1st; Labor Day in May - 3 days ;
National Day in Oct - 3 days; Summer holiday - 15th July to end of
Aug; Winter holiday ¨C 15th Jan to end of Feb(Summer holiday and
Winter holiday are no pay holidays , but pay a Holiday allowance: RMB
1, 000 per summer or winter holiday )
Accommodations: Private accommodations on the university campus.
Private bedroom; Washroom; Color TV with cable; Air-condition;
Telephone; Washing machine; Shower , Western toilet, Microwave;
Complete set of quality furniture. Free supply of electricity and

Teaching hours: 20-22 hours [24 teaching hours per week / 50 min. per
teaching hour]
Number of days off per week: Two (2) days. Saturday and Sunday
Closest Airport: Shenyang Taoxian International Airport. The school
will pick up the teacher at the airport upon arrival and provide
transportation back to the closest airport upon departure of the
teacher at termination of the contract at no cost to the teacher.

Working visa: The school will send teachers the working visa
invitations for the teacher to get work visa in the Embassy. After
the teachers arrive the school, the school will provide local
residence card and foreign expert certificate for the teacher.
Air-ticket: Teachers will receive (in full) one-way air-ticket on
completion of the 1 year contract.
Historical/tourist areas near the school: Qi Pan Mountain, Ben Xi
Cave, Shenyang Qing Dynasty Palace

Any further questions, please contact:
Mary Lee
(Director of recruitment Department for the university)
email: [email protected] [email protected]
Tel : 00 86 24 81828622

0086 24 86398151
Fax: 0086 24 86398923
Mobile: 13940067122
Information about Shenyang :
Shenyang, Liaoning Province
Shenyang, capital of Liaoning Province, is one of China's famous
industrial cities, covering an area of 13, 007 square kilometers and
with a population of 6.5 million.
The alluvial plain of Liao River in the west is its major topography,
while its north-east and south-east parts are low hilly land. It has
a temperate continental climate with an annual average temperature of
7.8 degree Celsius, rainfall of 734 millimeters, and a frost-free
period of 159 days. It abounds in coal, petroleum, iron, and natural
gas resources, in addition to limestone, marble and pearlite.
Being one of China's main industrial centers, Shenyang has built up
an all-inclusive comprehensive industrial system comprising
machine-building as chief branch, metallurgy, light industry and
textiles, building materials, electronics, foodstuff etc. Its major
agricultural crops are corn, sorghum, soybean, wheat, rice, cotton,
tobacco and peanut.
Shenyang is the large concentration and distribution center for goods
and materials in North-East China, and key communication hub of
railways as well as road transport center in Liaoning Province.
It has the biggest civil airport on North-East China, providing
regular air service to over 40 cities at home and abroad.
Shenyang is also a famous historical and cultural city in China. The
first emperor of the Qing Dynasty moved his capital here in 1625 AD.
It became the leftover capital of the Qing Dynasty since 1644 AD.
Its main scenic spots are the Imperial Palace, Baocheng in Crescent
Moon Shape, Shisheng Temple and Liaobin Pagoda etc.
Shengyang has embarked on the road of development towards the
economic center in north-east Asia.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


It's important to make distinctions for your students between the many different English tenses. Tenses can be difficult for everyone but if you can remember certain rules and patterns, you can help others learn them too. Past tenses are all to describe things that have happened already but the different forms of past tense inform the order of past events and whether or not that were definite events in time or continuous actions.In this Unit, it talks about the importance if speaking and writing as Productive skills. These are also important skills. It was said that some teachers view writing as a skill that is not as important when learning a language. For students that speak another language that do not have the same letter characters as English, this can be difficult. There are many activities that can be done with speaking, for students to practice.