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Date posted:2006-06-21 | Writer: Ba Zhou Education Bureau Tarim Petroleum Branch | Email: [email protected]


Teach English This Fall in Korla, China a Small Exotic City Between Desert and Sea-like Lake

Employer: Ba Zhou Education Bureau Tarim Petroleum Branch
Deadline: October, 2006

We currently require 2 teachers to start in late August of 2006 in Korla, Xinjiang, north-western China. There is ample opportunity to mix with many minority peoples and explore a truly multi-cultural part of China. The position is to train Grade One to Grade Seven students(aging from 7-15) oral English. 13-16 working hours from Monday to Friday. Average class size is 35 students and the available teaching facilities are of a high quality and standard.

We Require:
-Healthy, confident, professional, enthusiastic and outgoing people from 22-55 years old;
- Be a Native Speaker of English, preferably from USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand;
-Have a Bachelor degree or above;
-Have a recognized ESL/EFL/TEFOL/TESL certificate;
-Be willing to make at least 4-month contract;
- EFL classroom experience: 1.5 years or more£®desirable, but not essential£©;
We Offer:
- stable salaries: 4200 RMB a month for 16 hours' work per week from Monday to Friday (work in the morning and afternoon); This salary is high by local standards (higher than that of a doctor) and provide a comparatively high standard of living and the chance to save money;
-- free accommodation: a private fully furnished apartment --- 75 square meters£®one bedroom, one computer room, one living room, one kitchen , one bathroom and two balconies£©, with furniture, computer on broad band internet, telephone, TV set, refrigerator, air-conditioner, micro-waver, bed and bedding, hot shower, washing machine, desk, chairs, table, rice cooker, gas and other cooking utensils on free. The flat is near campus and only takes 5 minutes walking to school;

- Reimburse a round-way international air ticket for ten-month contract (two semesters) and one-way international air ticket for four-month contract(one semester);Teachers get reimbursement when the contract ends;
- The contract is renewable after the initial contract of one or two semesters;
-Cover the expenses of working visa, residence permit and foreign expert certificate;
-Provide free short trips for short term contract and long trips for long term contract;
-Paid public holidays, plus (for ten-month contract) 30 days paid vacation;
-Free Orientation which covers awareness and preparation for culture shock and possible problems;

Following allowances are given at the successful completion of ten-month contract.
-Medical allowance: 1000 RMB;
-Phone communication allowance: 600 RMB;
-Transportation allowance: 1200 RMB ;

Additional Benefits:
-Full time 24 hour support;
-Official letter of invitation and sponsorship for visas and permits;
-Local sightseeing tour during vacations;
-Pick-up at Urumqi International Airport;
-You may not be asked to join in special celebrations and/or promotional activities;
-Free borrowing English-Chinese books and magazines to learn Chinese or Chinese culture from school library
Special Bonus
-To encourage teachers to teach well and stay longer, we provide year-end bonus.

Medical Care
-Enjoying the medical allowance, teachers are responsible for their medical care and need to carry their own health/life insurance as well;

Ba Zhou Education Bureau Tarim Petroleum Branch is a state-owned organization and it runs Ba Zhou Petroleum No.1 Middle School. It practices 12- year education system with primary, junior and senior school classes on one campus. The school was authorized to employ foreign teachers last year. There are150 teaching staff and 1596 students in general. Having a long history of 14 years, the school is located within the residential compound which is known for its clean and beautiful environment. Teachers are provided with favourable working and living conditions, along with continued opportunities and the tools they need to develop professionally.

There are some cafeterias outside the school which are not free for employees. They charge 3-8 RMB per meal per person. Your salary allotment takes this into account.
You will have a kitchen equipped with necessary cooking utensils in your apartment which will allow you to cook for yourself. You are likely to find that students and their parents or other teachers will often invite you to their own homes to eat.

Location, City:
Korla , located in southern Tian Shan Ranges, is a central hub of communication of Xinjiang. Small, fast-developing and safe , it is the capital city of Ba Zhou Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture which leads eight counties(some of them are originated from the small countries along the ancient Silk Road) and one city (Korla). There are Han, Mongol, Uyghur, Hui and other minority peoples in this area. The local people have little experience with foreigners. You will be treated in a most friendly manner. Due to the effort local people made to green this city, Korla has won the title of National Sanitary City. It would be an ideal place to explore fascination for the diverse cultures and see stunning natuarl beauty from the Tian Shan mountains to the grasslands to the wild Taklama Desert. It is a dynamic place to work and a comfortable environment in which to live. We hope that you will consider a year in exotic Ba Zhou, a land of desert, mountains and forests, plus a mixture of Mongol and Uyghur culture.
If you are interested in applying for the above vacancy, please email your CV/Resume, copies of passport and any educational / teaching qualifications to: [email protected].

Post Box 30#, Tarim Oilfield Company, Korla, Xinjiang, China 841000
Telephone: 086-996-2172504
Fax: 086-996-2172504
Contact Person: Alen (school foreign affair personnel) at: [email protected]

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


I like this lesson it really put everything into a comprehensive whole. You start from the beggining with the engage phase, moving on to the study phase with the initial eliciting and heavy duty studying, and then moving on to the fun activity phase. This lesson also presented new concepts like the lesson plan topic and rightfully noted the pros and cons of a lesson plan if used incorrectly by inexperienced teachers.This unite covered the most common usage of true and semi modal auxiliary verbs. The most difficulties that student face when studying modal verbs and tips to overcome theme were also mentioned. The unit also explains how and when is best to change sentences from active to passive voice form. Phrasal verbs types were mentioned at the end of the unit. Many teaching examples of the previous grammar points were presented.