Teaching Opportunities in China

Date posted:2024-02-06 | Writer: Shanghai Meiji | Email: [email protected]

We are looking for teachers for full time teaching jobs. This could be your new adventure to explore China, learn Chinese, gain abroad teaching experience and try Chinese Food.


1) Bachelor’s degree or higher
2) Native English speakers and Native level English speakers
3) TEFL or TESOL certificate
4) At least 20 years old or above with a valid passport
5) No previous teaching experience necessary
6) On average, each teacher has less than 15 classes per week, although the work hour is standard 40 hours. ( Work from Monday to Friday. Saturdays & Sundays are off days)
7) Friendly and adventurous
8) Passionate about teaching young learners


Shanghai and Jiangsu Schools
Position: English and Subject teachers ( Math , Biology , Chemistry , Physics , ICT , Computer science , Humanities , Business , Economics , Art , Music , Physical Education etc. )
Major : All majors accepted
Location:  Shanghai / Jiangsu
On-board time: All year round
Age group: 2 - 18 years old

Job Duties:

1. Teach students in a classroom from kindergarten to high schools level 3-18 years old depending on your preference. Prepare lesson materials and Resources.
2. Select and use instructional methods and materials appropriate to the students and learning activities.
3. Responsible for organizing students in the class to carry out various activities with Chinese teachers.
4. Conduct daily class teaching activities, and is responsible for completing the art, music, science or other teaching activities assigned by the school for your class.
5. Utilize games, music, books, art, technology and other resources to teach basic skills and foster children development
6. Collaborate with other teachers, instructors, and staff members to create an optimal learning, care environment and an appropriate classroom environment that is conducive to learning.
7. Follow school approved curriculum
8. Encourage productive play
9. Prepare materials, classrooms and other indoor and outdoor spaces to facilitate creative play, learning and motor-skill activities and safety.


1) Free airport Pick-Up
2) Chinese SIM Card application
3) Free 3 days hotel accommodation
4) Free one day tour in Shanghai
5) Medical check insurance
6) Provide Z visa (work visa) and legal China work permit
7) Bank Account Application
8) Escorted to your accommodation near your place of work


1) Have orientation and meet the staff of Shanghai Meiji.
2) Attend training with our professional staff trainer to prepare you for demos, lesson planning, games and activities with your students which most schools will require.
3) Provide continuous training and teaching tips throughout your contract.


1) Free apartment or 3K RMB housing allowance is provided (you can choose between this 2 options)
2) Candidates shall receive a monthly salary of 13,000 RMB - 18,000 RMB (after tax)
3) Provide 6,000RMB return flight ticket
4) Summer vacation is 2 weeks fully paid and winter vacation is also 2 weeks fully paid
5) All Chinese legal holidays are fully paid
6) Medical insurance

If you are interested in this position, please send your CV to the email address in the job heading.