Teach English in China (6)

Date posted:2016-10-11 | Writer: Beijing New Talent Academy | Email: [email protected] 

Beijing New Talent Academy, founded in 1995, is an international boarding school with Kindergarten, Dragon Bay Kindergarten, Primary School, AP Center (Middle School and High School), Cambridge Center (Middle School and High School). We have immediate opportunities for TEFL certified teachers. There are about 2,600 students, 100 of whom are foreign students, and about 700 teaching staff, 36 of whom are foreign teachers.

BJNTA is located at the west side of Beijing Capital Airport, adjacent to the Central Villa District near Wenyu River, and the International Exhibition Center at subway line 15.

With 500 million Yuan investment, BJNTA covers an area of 180 mu, which is 100,000 square meters, having a full set of modern classroom and apartment buildings and facilities with comfortable and elegant environment.

Teachers-oriented, paying attention to all teacher's quality of life and professional development, and supplying generous benefits, we endeavor in creating a warm home, a development platform and a big stage of work for all educational elites.

Along with adjustment and development of the school’s educational internationalization strategy, we welcome educational elites create a splendid future together with us!

A. Positions available:

Need 3 Kindergarten Teachers

B. Job Description:

a. 40 office hours including 22 teaching periods per week, 40 min per period.

b. 20 to 30 students per class. Teach students according to the teaching curriculum.

c. Improve teaching skills and encourage the students to implement studies.

d. Actively participate in the school activities related to teaching.

e. Communicate, encourage and stimulate the students’ studying interest and creativity.

C. Job Requirements:

a. Abide by Chinese laws and the school’s regulations; Respect the school’s educational culture.b. Passionate for teaching, committed to development of education and professionalismc. Commit to self-evaluation and self-improvement.d. Minimum Bachelor education degree.e. Minimum two years teaching experience.f. With teaching credentials or language teaching certifications, such as TESOL/TEFL.g. Teachers from English speaking countries only.

D. Salary and Benefits:

a. Monthly working payment package: 1) Basic salary, which compensates with the candidate’s backgrounds; 2) 3000RMB maximum evaluation bonus; 3) 80RMB subsidy. b. Yearly benefits: 1) One month salary completion bonus; 2) 1500RMB as an annual Teacher’s Day Red Packet; 3) 3000RMB as and annual Spring Festival Red Packet.c. Accident and medical insurance, 3 days paid sick leave. d. Sponsor Work and assistance for Working Residence Permit.e. Paid holidays for Chinese public holidays and Christmas Day. f. One bedroom furnished accommodation on Campus.g. 70% education fee discounts for teacher‘s children. h. Free to use the GYM, Swimming Pool, Fitness Center and other facilities.

E. Application Details

Please email your C.V., a recommendation letter, photo, photocopies of passport and/or visa, degree and teaching related certifications to the address given on the job heading as a prior consideration.Please state your interested position and convenient time for interview.

F. Contact:


Working Vacations in China

Phone: +86-138-3674-2601

Skype: grif1021

Address: No.9 Anhua Street, ShunyiDist, Beijing, China,101300Subway Route: Take line 15, get off at Guozhan Station (China International Exhibition Center), then take a taxi for 5 minutes.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


It was a v good unite , i'v learned a lot from it .. It show how good teacher should be , and how he can manage and organize the class , and how to motivate his students Also , it give a v good knowledge about kind of students , ages , behavior , motivations , level of study its a good unite to learn how to identify good students , and how to motivate the lazy and unmotivated studentManaging classes is one of the most important problems because to find a common language with students is the first thing what every teacher should do. The information presented in the unit is very useful because it displays all the aspects of interaction between the teacher and the student. It will help to have an eye contact with pupils and to use the appropriate strategies in teaching.