Teach English in China (5)

Date posted:2016-07-06 | Writer: Canadian International Education Organization | Email: [email protected]

Come teach EFL in China with the Canadian International Education Organization! We have great jobs for TEFL trained teachers who want a chance to experience China.  Our schools, whose curriculum and design were all created by Canadian teachers, are currently looking for 2 teachers to teach in one of our locations.  Our classrooms offer a high-quality experience for both the teacher and the student, with projectors, white-boards, and Chinese teachers to help assist your teaching.  Beyond this, our community of foreign teachers in Guangzhou have always been helpful in assisting new teachers in getting to know the city.

As one of the largest education organizations in Guangzhou, CIEO offers constant support to teachers who are still trying to find their way into the education field.  Your housing, which is provided for by the school, is located in apartments right alongside a large local food street, and offers convenient transportation to-and-from your workplace.  Our pay is competitive with other schools in the city, and we offer health insurance, along-side of full flight-reimbursement. This is for a 1-year contract.


Native English speakers

TESOL, TESL or TEFL preferred


Position: Full-time language centre teacher

Wage: 11,500 RMB/month-13,000 RMB/month

Contract duration: 1 year

Class size: 10 to 15 students

Chinese teaching assistant working with you in the classroom

Curriculum development provided by our academic department

Start Date: Any time

Maximum 25 teaching hours, 5 office hours (No more than 30 hours per week)

TO APPLY:Contact us at the email address given on the job heading to apply, or for more information.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This unit was about the different techniques and methods for teachers to use in their classrooms. It showed the various types of teaching as well as the different lesson plan approaches and stages along with different activities associated with that stage. It outlines how each approach works and the content within the stages of the lesson and how to engage students properly in said stage.Speaking and writing are crucial when communicating, so we as teacher, will ahve to make a strong emphasis on these two, I like how fluencuy and accuracy were brought out as very important but quite different from each other at all times while teaching. Allowing them to create material such as dialogues, comic strips and cartoons is a very creative way to bring these skill to stimulation.