Regular Openings For EFL Teachers in China

Date posted:2012-03-29 | Writer: STL Hong Kong | Email: [email protected]

We are in need of TEFL qualified native English speakers to teach students from kindergarten to primary school age in China and Hong Kong. This is a great opportunity for you to get experience working abroad and travel around China. We offer a one year contract for 20-30 hours per week of duty, including office and lesson preparation work. Benefits include a starting salary of above RMB6000-8000 (after tax) for degree holders, and for non-degree holders below RMB6000-8000 (after tax), together with a free apartment, insurance benefits and reimbursement of airfare. For more information, and to apply, contact us at the e-mail address given on the job heading, attaching  your detailed CV with photo, a scannned copy of your passport, TEFL certificate and, if applicable, degree.

Qualifications: Full Time ESL Teacher
-          Male or Female
-          TESL/TESOL  Certificate, preferably with Junior college/Undergraduate Degree.
-          Smart, innovative and enthusiastic
-          Willing to embrace Chinese culture
-          Willing to learn Mandarin language (optional)
-          Self starter, friendly and flexible to changes

Remuneration and Benefits:
-          Starting salary of RMB6000-8000 (after tax) above for degree holder. For non-degree holder below RMB6000-8000 (after tax)
-          20-30 hours per week of duty including office work
-      one year contract
-          Free apartment (utility fee should be paid by teacher)
-          Working visa provided
-          Airfare reimbursement
-          Insurance benefits
-          Performance bonus (optional)
-          Paid overtime in excess of 80-120 hours per month amounting RMB70-150 per hour

Great opportunity for you to get experience and travel in China!
√ Get more working experience abroad
√ The most comprehensive employment packages for   
     foreign teachers in the world
√ Get high pay( 1 RMB buys in China what 1 CAD buys in Canada)
√  Low work stress
√  Get chance to travel around in China
 √ Meet lots of local friends and build long-term friendship
√  Get chance to learn Chinese

English is wildly used today in China. According to a survey, there are about three hundred million people in China are learning English (equal to the population of US).
English education is throughout primary school to university in China, but it is an exam-oriented model, which focus on grammar learning rather than communication skill. So, English native speakers are needed to improve Chinese people’s English communication skill.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


At this point of the course this unit is the most difficult. In the introduction it was stated that this context of English teaching is often neglected and I understand why. Although this may not be the case it doesn't mean that this material should not be studied and learned. I will admit this is not my favorite unit and I would have liked this unit a bit more if it was much easier to understand.This Unit was quite challenging. Nonetheless, I learnt a lot of new information. I was taught about phrasal verbs, relative clauses, passive and active voice and modals. I was also given activity ideas which will come in handy for my classes in the future. This unit gave me a lot of grammar information and has definitely motivated me to do more research and learn more about grammar and grammar rules.