Position teaching English in China

Date posted:2002-11-27 | Writer: TDM Language College | Email: [email protected]

Teachers like you are our important assets. Without you, we cannot accomplish our mission. A mission to help others.

You like helping others. For that, you can sacrifice your comfortable living at home, and prepare to live in a rapidly developing country. You can stand the dirt. You can stand the pollution. Because you want to help. You are in good health. You are emotionally stable. You can help.

Some of our students have learnt English for 10 years. But they can barely speak English. You will simply help them do so. You will present to a class of 27 students real North American television programs (provided by our institute for educational use only) 9 hours a week for listening comprehension, and have 9 hours of conversations a week with small groups of 3 students.

Te be qualified, you are a native English speaker, holding a BA degree and/or a TEFL/TESOL certificate, with minimum 2-year experience.

Your compensation package will include the follows:
- RMB5, 000 weekly basic salary for 72 hours of teaching , paid weekly
- RMB80 for every extra hour (after 72) you are willing to work
- Travel bonus of RMB3000 upon your arrival. RMB6000 on completion of one year contract.
- Health insurance and travel insurance (maximum claim for medical expenses HK$1million, maximum claim for personal accident HK$1M)
- Free hotel room with satellite English television programs, bathroom with western toilet, refrigerator, telephone, heating machine
- Computer with free internet access
- Color TV, shared kitchen with microwave, water dispenser

You will not make as much money as you made at home. But you are very well-paid. Your salary will be more than enough for you to live comfortably, to explore the real China, its history, its nature, its people, its culture, its language and its food.

It is our duty to ensure your experience of working and living with TDM a pleasant, rewarding and enjoyable one. For more information about our school, the city, and the kind of living you will have, please visit our web site at Contact us.

What is better than to help others while helping yourself? Do hesitate! Come to TDM.

Email your CV to [email protected] or call us at +86-27-82846536.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


Overall this unit was very satisfying as it gave both a broad and thorough overview of a variety of teaching styles. More so, this unit highlighted when certain aspects of those styles should be used based on varying levels of the learning audience. Additionally, this unit acted as a strong reminder to work with the students collaboratively and effectively for the students to reap the most efficient benefits as a group during classes.This unit drives home the lesson plan breakdown again for me. Similar to the previous unit, I enjoyed the break down of how to organize the lesson so that you can properly engage the students. The examples given for types of games will be beneficial when creating my own lesson plans and sparking my creativity for different material I can cover to make it more fun for the students and myself. I am excited to see what else is coming up.