Immediate Job Openings for EFL Teachers in China

Date posted:2012-11-07 | Writer: Find Work Abroad | Email: [email protected]

In the flourishing city of Hefei an excellent opportunity is available for TEFL graduautes to teach Adults and teenagers in a training center environment. The starting salary range is 6,000-8,000RMB with 3 months probation, as you will need to learn the ropes once you are enrolled. Accommodation is not provided. However, a housing allowance of 1,300RMB per month is provided, which is enough to rent a single apartment in the local area. The air ticket reimbursement (6,000RMB) will be offered on completion of a 1 year’s contract. The students are Teenagers and Adults; there may be the option of preference subject to availability at the time of interview. The classes are small, only 3-8 students in the classroom. You will be teaching just 25 teaching hours and no office hours required. Normally, the classes will be scheduled within 9am to 9pm (not exceeding 25 hours per week in total) This centre is a very well-know established center across China and offers a reliable and enjoyable work environment. This school will process a working (Z) Visa for you and are looking for teachers who are available now and are able to commit to a 1 year full-time contract.  

Contact us at the e-mail given on the job heading for more information and to apply.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


In this unit we have learned Present Tense and it's four aspects...Which are : simple ,continuous,perfect and perfect continuous. Present perfect commonly used by a native speakers.In Turkish , we don't have Present Perfect Tense.By learning forms,usages,typical students errors and activate stage teaching ideas of Present Perfect tenses is going to help me teach this tense to my students correctly.This unit added on to the last lesson by completing the explanation of productive and receptive skills. This gives a more comprehensive look at what goes into an english lesson. This lesson covered a lot of topics that I hadn't thought about, such as teaching english to speakers of a language that has a completely different alphabet, or punctuation. This unit helped prepare me to teach these topics.