Employment teaching TEFL in Ulaanbaatar, China

Date posted:2005-11-03 | Writer: Santis Educational Services | Email: [email protected]


1. Position: Teacher of English at Santis Educational Center in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia .

2. Working Hours: A work week consists of 40 hours, of which 30 hours are teaching hours at class, and the balance of 10 hours for preparation for the class teaching, and other tasks that may be requested by the Director-General.

3. Working Days: The working days per week are five (Monday-Friday), however occasionally teaching on Saturdays, if the need arises.


1. Net salary of US$600/month (the local income tax is paid by Santis), paid on the final working day of the month, either in US$ or the local currency, Tugrik.

2. Overtime will be paid, based on 1.5 times the basic salary's rate, for each approved additional hour, beyond the 128 hours/month.

3. Annual leave of 10 working days is accrued from the first day of employment (one year contracted)

4. A fully furnished & equipped apartment is provided for the term of employment, by Santis.

5. A local health Insurance is provided by Santis

6. Upon a successful employment of one year, - $900 bonus.

7. Holidays are observed as follows:

New year - 01 January

Tsagaan Sar - 2 days in February

Mother Day - 01 June

Naadam - 3 days (11-13 July)

Proclamation Day - 26 November

Thanksgiving Day - 1 day

Christmas Day - 1 day

* To be a Native English speaker
* Bachelor's Degree or higher, certificate in TESL/TEFL

Orgilmaa Doloonjin, Director General
Santis Educational Services
Tel/Fax: 976-11-326373
E-mail: [email protected]
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

In order to speed up the process, the following documents should be submitted:
1) Resume/CV
2) Scanned passport photo page
3) Your starting date
4) Reference letter
5) Copy of diploma/certificate

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This unit has been a summary of two example video lessons. In the first lesson, the teacher begins with poor eye contact and student engagement. Although the teacher follows the lesson plan in the first lesson, irrelevant questions are repeated and the teacher is not approachable. In the second lesson, the teacher appears to be more interested and engaged in teaching the material. The teacher also seems more knowledgeable.In this unit I learnt about the different types of classes there may be to teach and the best approach to creating lesson plans to engage each class depending on which language level they are on. I followed tips and suggestion for creating activities based on the needs of the students. The unit explained what could be some major differences in teach children compared to adults such as their motivation level and attendance.