Attractive Online TEFL Job

Date posted:2019-01-14 | Writer: 9ichat | Email: [email protected]

Shanghai Yinsen Culture & Communication Co., Ltd (9ichat) is a 4-year-old online English tutor service that draws together the best and most committed ESL tutors across the world to teach children in China. Instead of hiring many tutors who teach a few classes a week, 9iChat hires a few tutors who teach many classes each week on a consistent schedule, by pairing them with long-term clients. At 9ichat, students and tutors form engaging and productive relationships that last week after week, year after year. Dedicated and well-performing tutors have the opportunity to earn $7.50 - $10.00 per 25 minute class, with ideal tutors teaching 2-6 classes a day.


This is a part-time, online, contract-based English tutor position, with the opportunity to work 7-20 hours a week. The position requires a 9 month commitment. The tutor’s job will be to help clients from China, most of whom are children, to practice oral English and learn American culture via our online classroom, using materials and lessons that 9iChat provides. The tutor must be able to communicate effectively with students while remaining professional. Tutors must also be able to motivate and maintain the interest of the students while setting an example in professionalism, including timeliness and attendance. Additionally, they must take a sincere, active, and appropriate interest in the well-being of all students. Because most of our clients are children, the tutor must be able to engage the attention of the students and use interactive, fun teaching styles. Tutors are required to submit monthly feedback for their long-term clients.

Candidates must be willing to teach at least 7 hours a week, but can possibly work up to 20 hours a week if they provide enough hours.

Hired tutors work closely with 9iChat to secure long-term clients, with 9iChat providing new tutors with an allowance of trial sessions.


9iChat’s ideal applicants are experienced educators who like working from home, playing with children, setting their own hours, and gaining experience through online tutoring. If you seek an exciting work opportunity outside of your other commitments, or if you would like to earn supplemental income in the early morning hours from the comfort of your home, then this is a great opportunity for you. Our tutors are loyal, responsible, timely, engaging, innovative, smart, autonomous, flexible, and willing to grow and learn in the online space of education. And, structurally, ideal applicants are early morning risers (tutoring can begin as early as 5am EST and usually finishes by 9am EST). 

9iChat prefers candidates who have TEFL certification, who have a history of teaching English or children, and/or who have creative background that allows them to excel at online tutoring. 9iChat requires candidates to be either native English speakers or to speak English with little to no accent.


1. The tutor must have a reliable computer, stable and fast internet service, and a headset to improve the sound quality of lessons.

2. The tutor will work in 1-on-1 sessions with the children. These sessions are either 25 – 27 minutes long or 55 - 57 minutes long. The tutor will provide students with opportunities for oral English practice via conversation and provide background knowledge related to each class topic. Lessons will be provided to tutors.

3. Tutors must provide availability sometime between 5am-10am (EST). We are looking for tutors who can provide 7-20 hours per week. As an example, tutors could tutor 2 hours every morning between 6am and 8am

4. The availability specified by a tutor must be consistent every week. That is, if a tutor specifies that he or she can be available every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7am to 9am, then she or he must be available at those times. The goal is to fill those time slots in with long-term clients. Cancelling times or classes will result in penalties.

5. Tutors must always show up promptly for the classes they have been scheduled to teach. Missing a class is strictly prohibited and results in penalties. If a class will be missed, advance notice is required.

6. 9iChat will provide the teaching materials related to each topic.

7. The Tutor will need to read all company emails, and respond in a timely manner whenever necessary.

8. The Tutor will work with 9iChat staff to provide feedback and evaluations on students, on a monthly basis at a minimum.


For new tutors, compensation begins at $13 to $15 for 1-on-1 classes with long-term clients that last 55-57 minutes. A 25-27 minute class with long-term clients will pay $6.50 to $7.50. The beginning compensation depends on the candidate’s previous experiences and current qualifications.

All tutors can progress to higher base pay rates with long-term clients, from $15 - $20, if they meet certain performance metrics. The primary performance metrics are the total hours taught with 9iChat and the percentage of a tutor’s clients who remain long-term clients.


Please send your resume and cover letter to the email address given on the job heading. In your letter, be sure to mention which city you currently live in and state how many hours you would like to teach each week.