Looking for EFL Teachers in Chile

Date posted:2015-05-13 | Writer: GEAD Language Community | Email: [email protected]

GEAD Language Community is an institute that works with various businesses around the metropolitan area providing English classes to their employees. We have a strong communicative approach and want to recruit professional energetic EFL teachers for the opportunity to work full time with eager students.


1. University degree

2. TEFL certification

3. At least 1 year’s experience teaching English as a foreign or second language

4. Experience teaching with adults is preferred

5. Experience teaching abroad is preferred


1. Teaching business and general English to adults in their workplaces around metropolitan Santiago, Chile

2. Teaching individuals and small group classes (usually no more than 10 students)

3. An hourly pay rate that is competitive with institutes that provide the same service

4. The opportunity to work on a contract with a guaranteed minimum number of hours (60 teaching hours per month)

5. The opportunity to grow and advance within the company in the future

6. Travel to and from Chile as well as housing are not included in this offer

7. A legal contract and assistance in obtaining legal permission and visa to work in Chile

8. The cost of the work visa is the responsibility of the candidate, which varies depending on your country of origin (in the case of US citizens, this is free)

Teachers receive orientation and training in the use of our materials and programs as well as the application of our methodology. You are also supervised and assisted throughout the year by the academic direction department, and this team meets with teachers monthly to review the progress of their students, courses, and the effectiveness of the programs used with each course.

To apply, please contact via email at the address given on the job heading. We hope to hear from you!

Tel: +56 (02)2244 5486


Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


In this unit, like the other units focused on tenses, I learned deeply about the future tense. The future tense in English has 7 possible forms, as opposed to just the four of present and past. There are two forms of present tense that can be used for the future tense, and the present continuous (as well as the be going + infinitive form are actually the two most common forms of future tense.In this unit(Teaching special groups) I learned about how to proceed while teaching beginners, individual students, children, ESP(English for Specific Purposes) and the monolingual and the multilingual class. Regarding to ESP/Businnes English I learned about Needs analysis and planning the course, planning the program, materials, things to consider and how to proceed during the entire course.