TEFL in Canada

Date posted:2008-03-26 | Writer: Language Studies Canada | Email: [email protected]

Since 1962, Language Studies Canada (LSC) has been providing students from around the world with a complete immersion experience. We offer high-quality academic studies, social activities, and carefully selected accommodation in Canada's four most popular cities: Calgary, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.English is taught at LSC Calgary, LSC Toronto and LSC Vancouver. Both English and French studies are offered at LSC Montreal.LSC classrooms are light and bright with ample space for each student. The extensive Student Resource Centre is a multi-media facility. It contains computers, CD-ROM, and audio materials.We are currently seeking qualified teachers of English for all locations. Only applicants who have a university degree completed will be considered.A CELTA or TESOL/TEFL CANADA RECOGNIZED certificate is also required. LSC gives preference to those who already have experience in teaching English as a Foreign Language to adults.Please email your resume to the attention of the Director of Studies at the following address:[email protected] you may fax your resume to 403-662-2201 in Calgary, 416-488-2225 in Toronto, 604-683-6088 in Vancouver or 514-939-2223 in Montreal.Clearly indicate for which city you are applying: Calgary, Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver.If you are overseas, please clearly indicate your Canadian status and when you will be back in Canada. We need applicants for this summer. If you will be IN CANADA June, July and August 2008, we want to hear from you. If not, please do not apply.Only applicants qualifying for an interview will be contacted.

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


The unit starts with a definition of phonology then explains what intonation,stress and rhythm are.The stress on words was explained in details.It also teaches us how we should write the phonetic script.Besides we can also learn joining techniques in order to sound more natural.One of the main part of the unit is IPA comes after these topics.Rest of the unit explains how to produce these sounds and the techniquesThis was a meaty business intensive unit and very challenging. It was definitely up my alley! I found all of the information very relevant and the class dynamics very real. The material to use in the classroom are materials that I am very familiar with and do not find intimidating. The extra teaching resources and lesson plans are extremely helpful for us beginner teachers but long time business professionals.