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What draws most people to Wisconsin are the coastlines on two Great Lakes (Michigan and Superior) and the plethora of forests and farms.
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Wisconsin is one of the states with exceptional natural scenery in the USA. Often called “America’s Dairyland”, the state is known to produce the best dairy products in the country. Due to the favorable climate, farming is big in Wisconsin and the state is also famous for being one of the best cheese regions in the United States. But there is a lot more to Wisconsin than farmland and cheese. The state offers abundant natural scenery, making it a great vacation destination. Located at the Great Lakes, Wisconsin invites you to visit its many forests, lakes, and waterfalls. You will find some of the best hiking and biking trails in this part of the country. Come to Wisconsin and see for yourself.

There are countless natural sites you should visit in Wisconsin. For example, Lake Superior’s coastline is a true paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, while Chippeway Valley has some of the best hiking and biking trails in the country. Northeastern Wisconsin is the place to be for water sports fans as it borders Lake Michigan. Some of the best activities here include water skiing, swimming, whitewater paddling, and boating. The famous Apostle Islands are also worth visiting and said to be the best location for kayaking and fishing. No matter what you are looking to do, you will find a place to do it in Wisconsin.

The southern part of the state has snowy glaciers and deep valleys as well as exceptional wildlife and flora and fauna because of the mighty Mississippi. Follow the large river and you will pass countless charming towns offering local specialties. Lake Winnebago is the largest lake in the region and another major tourist destination for those who seek pure nature. Not only does the lake offer plenty of options for hiking and water sports, but it is also a place to relax and unwind, as you will find many spa resorts in this area. Come and visit Lake Winnebago and stay at a cozy hotel, place your bets at the racetrack and swing the club on one of the many golf courses.

South Central Wisconsin is the perfect destination if you are looking for adventure and action. The “Waterpark Capital of the World” is home to various water themed parks that are not for the faint-hearted. However, you should also visit this part of Wisconsin for the beautiful state capitol and the many other historic attractions, including the Sylvanus Wade House, Stonefield, Old World Wisconsin, and Madeline Island Museum.

Another reason why Wisconsin is a great place to visit are the many high-quality educational programs in the region. Students from all around the world come to Wisconsin to visit one of its many prestigious schools, such as Marquette University, Concordia University Wisconsin, and the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Obtaining your TEFL/TESOL certification at our Wisconsin training center will open doors to exciting opportunities to teach English around the globe.

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