Australian Wildlife Guide

As it has been isolated from the rest of Asia for millions of years, Australia has developed a truly unique and fascinating wildlife that captivates visitors from all over the world.
More unusual animals to look out for include the bizarre looking platypus, which was originally believed to be a hoax when the first preserved body was examined by scientists, and the Tasmanian devil which earned its name thanks to its aggressive nature.
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One of the most distinctive native animals is the kangaroo which has become a popular symbol of Australian culture and identity, while the perpetually sleepy Koala is a particular favorite with many visitors.
Other species that you will find nowhere else on Earth include the dingo, the wombat and the huge, flightless emu that can grow to over 6 feet tall.

SOURCE: www . azamaraclubcruises . com/int/blog/infographic-australian-wildlife

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