How do I get TEFL / TESOL certified?

Online TEFL / TESOL certification.

registered you can begin the course straight away. We will send you an email containing all you need to get your studies underway, including your personal login details for our online TEFL /TESOL training platform. Once signed in to the platform you will have access to all the materials required to complete the first unit of the course. When you feel you have absorbed the information sufficiently you can then take an automated online test based on the materials for that first unit. The test is a short, multiple-choice assessment that is designed to test your understanding of the unit before you move onto the next part of the course.

To pass the course you will need to achieve a grade of at least 75% across all the unit tests as a whole. After working through all the course units (20 for our most popular 120-hour course) you will then need to complete a summative task in order to finish your training. The summative task is a short written thesis on a suitable subject that you have chosen from a list of our suggestions. Once your summative task is passed by your tutor you will complete the course and receive your TEFL / TESOL certificate.

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In-class TEFL / TESOL certification.

How does a combined TEFL course work?

How will I receive my TEFL certification?

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In-class TEFL / TESOL certification.

We have in-class TEFL / TESOL training centers in many of the most popular teaching destinations in the world, including:

  • USA
  • Argentina
  • Costa Rica
  • France
  • Italy
  • Japan
  • Mexico
  • South Korea
  • Spain
  • Thailand
  • France
  • China

A full list of our locations can be found here

Each course runs over a four-week period and most centers have a new course starting every month. We recommend you arrive a day or two early if possible in order to get acclimatized to your surroundings and settled into your chosen accommodation before the course gets underway.

After a few days of theory sessions you will begin your teaching practice where you plan and deliver a full EFL lessons to real students of English in a classroom setting. After each lesson you will receive a thorough assessment of your performance, including ideas on how to improve your planning and delivery for the next practice session. Other sections of the course include:

  • Working with individual student to assess their needs and then teaching them one-to-one lesson.
  • Producing homemade materials that can be used in class to support learning.
  • In addition you will receive foreign language lessons that will help you empathize and understand the experience of your future students.
  • Your performance will be assessed throughout all sections of the course and there will also be two written assessments covering English grammar and phonology.

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How does a combined TEFL course work?

Our third route towards TEFL / TESOL certification is a mixture of the above two methods, where some of the course is completed online and some at one of our international training centers. You get underway by tackling all the theory behind teaching English via our online training platform. This part of the course can be completed from home at whatever pace you set for yourself and it comes with the full online tutor support. Once all the online units are completed you can then book your place at one of our training centers where you will complete your TEFL / TESOL course.

The in-class section of the combined TEFL / TESOL course can be completed over an eight day period at two of our training centers:

  • New York City, USA
  • Paris, France

Or it can be taken over ten days at four of our training centers:

  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Barcelona, Spain
  • Phuket, Thailand
  • Rome, Italy

The in-class section includes input sessions from our professional teacher trainers and teaching practice with real English language learners. As you cover all the same subjects as an in-class course, completion of the combined course results in full TEFL / TESOL certification.

Visit our combined course page for full details of all our combined TEFL / TESOL course information

How will I receive my TEFL certification?

Regardless of the study method you choose for your TEFL / TESOL training, you will receive your hard copy certification via registered post once every section of your course has been completed. At the same time we will also send you an electronic copy of your certificate. Each certificate includes a cover letter explaining your results and a unique ID number which can be used by future employers to check its validity.

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