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Who are we?

Our team is comprised of educated, experienced professionals who work effectively with teachers and schools to bring them together through quality networking. We are flexible and adaptable regarding the needs of each individual school. On the other hand, we also listen closely to the needs of our teachers amid efforts to ensure that we find the best fit for our teachers, placing them in jobs in Turkey as well as overseas. At Prudential First Recruitment, we work with selective schools and universities to ensure that our teachers have the best work experience possible. Each position available with Prudential First has been vetted, and we try our best to visit each school in-person. Our legal team reviews contractual terms on behalf of our teachers, to ensure that all regulatory and legal framework have been kept in mind. The educational institutions that we work with provide teachers with legal paperwork (residence/work permits), holiday pay, health insurance and other mandatory requirements, as well as other benefits designed to attract the best talent to their schools. Our team makes regular visits to the schools we hire for ensuring that we can guarantee optimal teaching opportunities for our candidates, not only in Turkey but worldwide.

What do we do?

At Prudential First Recruitment, we provide a reliable and responsive service, recruiting exceptional teachers for private schools in Turkey and international schools around the world. Prudential First Recruitment was set up in 2015 by an educator amid aims to help teachers find great positions in private Turkish schools and international schools around the globe. Our recruitment team is comprised of professionals with teaching experience and most of them have first-hand experience working in schools/universities, while some have experience working with international schools abroad. We are passionate about providing high-quality, personalized recruitment service to teachers at no cost. Prudential First Recruitment works with teachers to ensure they find the best possible job placement experience in leading private Turkish schools and universities as well as international schools and universities in some 60 countries worldwide.

Why work with us?

The schools and universities find it extremely beneficial to work with us. Prudential First is not a resume collection site. Our consultants review each candidate that applies for a position with us individually, and most applicants have visited Prudential First or have spoken directly with one of our team members. We review the references, degrees, certificates and other relevant documents of our candidates to ensure that only the best candidates with a desire to flourish in their teaching career are presented with employment opportunities with our trusted schools and universities. Our services do not stop at the signing of the teacher’s contract. Prudential First continues to provide support to its teachers and schools so they both successfully complete the school year. We know how dreadful it can be for a school to lose an excellent teacher during the school year, and we provide extensive collaborative effort and around-the-clock support, 365 days a year, to ensure this does not happen. Are you a school or university representative seeking to hire classroom leaders, or a teacher looking for a new teaching experience, perhaps even in a different country?