Woinshet Asfaw


Hello! Hi, my name is Woinshet Asfaw. I am originally from Ethiopia. I am Ethiopian but I studied in South Africa. I did my Bachelor's Degree in South Africa majored in Psychology and Anthropology. I have also successfully completed 120 hours of TEFL from ITTT. While I was in South Africa, I worked as a translator and interpreter at different NGOs like UNHCR and other refugee organizations. I have also worked as a child [inaudible]. A few years ago, I moved back to Ethiopia. Since then, I have been teaching English. I love being a teacher. Currently, I'm working as an English teacher and KG coordinator. So basically I teach at KG levels or beginner levels. I'm a fun, active, encouraging teacher to all my students and I always make sure my students are comfortable and confident to speak in English. I heard so many great things about China - I would like to teach in China. It would be a great honor to work with you and for you. I hope to hear from you soon and thank you for your time. Have a lovely day. Bye bye.

Name: Woinshet Asfaw
Where would you like to teach: China / Anywhere
Teaching experience: yes
TEFL certified: yes
Earliest possible start date: 8/1/2020