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At ITTT we don't just sell you a TEFL training course; we also guide you right through the entire process from start to finish. Initially, we can help you decide which training course is the right one to suit your future plans and give you advice on how to approach your studies. Once your studies are underway we will be right by your side as every course comes with the option of an online tutor whose main focus is to ensure you successfully complete the course. No matter what hurdles life puts in front of you, with the help of your professional tutor there should be nothing stopping you reaching your study goals.
As soon as you have completed your training and are officially TEFL certified, you will no doubt be looking to land that dream job somewhere around the world. Luckily, our guidance doesn't stop once we issue your certificate as we also provide an exclusive job assistance program that provides a whole range of help with finding and securing that all important first teaching position. As if that was not enough, our job assistance program is available to you for as long as you continue your career in the field of TEFL. Whenever you feel like a new challenge or simply want to head off to a new destination, we will be there to offer all the help we can.

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