Embossed & PDF


In recognition of the hard work you put into our TEFL courses, every course graduate will receive a high-quality, embossed certificate as part of the overall course fee. Each certificate we issue includes a unique certificate number which can be used by potential employers or government departments to verify that it is authentic and you are indeed a fully certified ITTT TEFL graduate. Anyone who wants to verify your certificate can go to the Certificate Verification page on our website, enter the required details and get an instant result on its authenticity.

As soon as you have completed your TEFL course your embossed certificate will be put in the post and sent to wherever in the world you want it. However, if you are in a real rush and you don't want to wait for the postman to arrive, we will also send you an instant copy in PDF format via email. This is a handy option for anyone who needs to prove they have completed the course to an employer or government office before the original certificate arrives. The postage cost of your original TEFL certificate and the issuing of the PDF copy are covered in the course fee.

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