TEFL TESOL Certificate Notarization


If for an employer, government office, or just for your own peace of mind, you require additional authentication with your TEFL certificate, we have a few options to choose from. Firstly, our online course certificates can be verified through the verification page on our website: . Your employer or the local education authority can enter your certificate number and your name should appear, along with your course graduation date. Secondly, you can have a notarized copy of your certificate printed, stamped and signed by a Thai Notary Public, as Thailand is where all our certificates are printed and posted from. This official copy can then be sent to you along with your original TEFL certificate. The fee for the Notary Public service is $45.

A third option is to have a copy of your original TEFL certificate authenticated by the ITTT registrar and then have it countersigned by a Notary Public at the same time. Once again, both the original certificate and the verified copy can then be sent to you anywhere in the world by post. The fee for the registrar verification and Notary Public authentication is $95. Although most of our graduates do not require these services, we are on hand to get them sorted out if and when required.

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