Best Facebook Page for TEFL TESOL Courses


Our Facebook page provides an important hub where our students and course graduates can connect with each other and share advice, tips and information on all aspects of TEFL. One of its many benefits is that it is made up of people from all nationalities and backgrounds so everyone should be able to find what they are looking for. Feel free to join our online community and put your questions, recommendations, and course reviews out there to not only find the answers that you are looking for, but also to help others like you to make the right choices to suit their situation and future teaching plans.

Our Facebook page is also a great place to access other content, such as our webpage, YouTube channel, special offers, photos and much more. We currently have well over 100,000 followers and the numbers are rising rapidly thanks to our fresh and insightful content that is provided by our TEFL experts, current trainees and graduates at all different stages of their teaching adventure. Why don’t you head over to Facebook right now and see what all the fuss is about, because they can't all be wrong!

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