A LIVE Look into ITTT's TEFL/TESOL Course Platform


Please let me know where in your TEFL journey you are at right now? Are you currently taking a course? Are you thinking of taking a course? Are you already teaching English as a foreign language? That'd also be really cool to know—somebody from Brazil, UK. Two people are from Brazil awesome, okay, with Bolivia amazing UK, Philippines, somebody is also from South Korea.
A lot of people are thinking of enrolling, great! Then, this life will be perfect for you. Somebody is from Canada, Mexico, and Mongolia. This is our second live Q&A sort of video that we've been doing. We started last week, and last week we sort of did a general kind of Q&A section.
If any of you were watching last week, please also let me know in the comments. Hi again, we got some really cool questions last week. It was really interesting, and one of the viewers actually met a message commented and was like could we get an inside look into the course platform? And I thought this is such a great idea
we should make a whole separate live event just about an inside look into our course and so that's what we're doing today. So, today's topic is a look into ITT's TEFL and TESOL course platform, so what does it look like if you enroll in an online course, and how do you actually study the course and all things like that. Somebody's interested in taking the course and no clue how to start well. This live is perfect for you. Keep watching, so we're already a big group of people now, so why don't we start looking into the course. So let me add this here so this is what Our 120-hour course platform looks like when you first login as a student.

The 120-hour course is the most popular course that we offer a lot of people take this course, it's internationally accredited by a lot of employers. They recognize the brand ITT so the first thing we can see here in this upper corner here if you can see that now it says you have zero days left because we are working with a trial version here, a test version, but normally when you first log in, you would see 180 days or 182 days. So that's six months you have six months to work through this course and as you work through you know every day obviously the number will go down so you can keep track of how much time you have left to take your course so that's the first thing you should sort of watch out for then looking through here.

This is sort of the home page of the course, platform and it kind of explains also a little bit how to work through the platform, how to use the platform, and the different sections, so we're going to go through all of this right here and if there are any questions along the way about it. I'm going to keep an eye on the comment section and then also answer the questions and then I'm also going to take some time in the end after we go through the course platform, and then you can ask more questions then, and I’ll answer all of them because it's just me working this. So I need my eyes on everything, and it's going to be a little bit hard. Still, we’re going to make it work, and I also want to mention that this video will be available as a playback after, so you can always re-watch this video on our Facebook page and also on our youtube channel. We’ll also share it on our other social media.
This video will also be available just as audio-only as a podcast on our podcast page, and I’m going to drop a link to that later. So maybe some people want to download it as a podcast and then listen to it later or any of our previous episodes. So you can always re-watch and re-listen. Let's take a look here. The First thing that you might want to do when you start is to look at the instructions, and that's basically sort of the FAQ section on how to work through the course and any questions people might have while working through the course, and this really answers pretty much everything. So this is a good page to start at just read everything. You know,the read through everything, so you know how to work through the course? How to get the most out of it, basically? So there's a lot of information. You can see that's the first thing, and then obviously we're going to go to units but let me see there, I think there was a question here let me pull this question up first from Rana, she said she is a full-time study or what and how much time and work does it involve this course.

You are very flexible with this course, so we have a lot of people who work for example full-time and who take this course you know and study one or two hours a day or even some people just study two hours three hours a week so this course is very flexible, and you can study at your own pace so, you don't have to be online at certain times, you can download your units. You can work through the units online whenever you want. How much time does it usually involve, and how does it work? You have six months to complete the course, but most people finish it much faster also depends on how much time you have to work through the units.
It always depends on you personally and your own study style. So I hope that answer are okay. The first thing here is the units. This is what it looks like. The 120-hour course has 20 units, so if you scroll through, here you can see all of them up until 20. You can see the introductory unit and unit one are sort of dark gray, and then everything after that. Let me scroll down, is sort of grayed out like a light gray. So that means you need to first complete the dark gray units to sort of unlocking the next ones, so you cannot study unit two yet because we haven't completed the introductory unit and unit one yet.

If that makes sense so you can't work through the course randomly you need to really do it unit by unit and follow the order properly and if you look at the course the unit topics, you'll see it is for example unit one is teachers and learners then we have parts of speech, theories, methods and techniques and then it starts with grammars, present tenses then we have managing classes, past tenses, teaching new language, future tenses so it's a combination of teaching skills and grammar because grammar is very important and just because maybe you know you're fluent in English or you're a native English speaker, it doesn't necessarily mean that you know all the grammar right so we really like to include a lot of lessons and units on grammar because we think it's very important to get a good overview of grammar in English so that you can teach your students then we have teaching receptive, skills productive skills, pronunciation phonology, books and lesson materials a lot of stuff here that you will work through in this course and this course is really the perfect basis for anyone starting out in wanting to be a teacher abroad, it will really give you a good overview and the necessary skill set to you know, into the classroom and teach your own lessons abroad, i also took this course six years ago I believe and i learned a lot from it and then i moved to China and taught English for a year there and then i moved on to south Korea and continued teaching there and this course has really helped me find my own you know teaching style and also the confidence to step into a classroom full of students and be able to teach them so definitely recommended.

Now, there are two ways of working through the course, one, for example, is to read it online so you can just click on read online, and then this sort of book will open, and you can find this kind of work through this way by clicking here and then flipping every page and reading the material, so that's what that looks like and the introductory unit basically covers it's an introduction to the course.
You know what the course covers, I already mentioned here there are 20 units to work through. Then at the end, there's also a summative task that you need to do so that's where it's a short essay writing task of between 500 and 1000 words, we provide you with a couple of topics to choose from what you would like to write about and then that's the summative task, so this is the introductory unit so you can read it online or another great way to work through the course and what I personally recommend is to click here and then download the units onto your computer so you can either store them on your computer, or you can also print them out and then you have them actually in front of you on paper. You can make notes and all this stuff.

A lot of people also really like to print everything out and then keep it in sort of a binder so you have all the material always available to you forever and you can always refer back to it, and you have you know all the material in one physically in front of you I think that's always a good idea to have online study is great and all but still I’m a person who really likes to kind of study old school as well. So, I like to have it in front of me so I can make notes and all this stuff. Still, it’s entirely up to you with a lot of people who just, you know, study online without printing it out. That’s totally fine as well, so this is unit one let me show you just real quick as well teachers and learners so that's what that looks like so and then so you would work through the material, read through it, study it. There are 12 pages until you are at the end here and then once you've worked through everything you can then take a test.

Every unit has a test after it that you need to complete, and I’m going to show you right now what it looks like. Okay I’ve already done the tests that are not available, but I will show you anyway just in a minute, but this is what how you can track your results. So this is unit one I’ve already done the test, and you got a hundred points on a percent in this test, and so this would be unit two, unit three, unit four, etc. Then this red bar here is your average, so then everything is counted, and then at the end, you'll see your average and to pass the course you need an average of 75-75 to pass the test, and then you would write your summative task, and if that is also satisfactory then you pass the course, and you'll get your certificate, so that's how it works pretty straightforward you know that's why people love it, let me also show you I have to switch really quick here.

This is what the test looks like just wanted to also show you so this is the test for unit one teachers and learners, and it's multiple choice, so you would just take your answers I’m just going to do this randomly like this work through everything until the end there are 20 multiple choice questions, and then every unit also has a unit reflection where you should write a brief overview of the content and what you've learned from this unit so you'd write this here and then you would click on submit and then you would get your results, and you'll also see you know which questions you answered wrong what's the right answer.

Then, okay, let me pull the other one up again right, so that's the test. Then you can also track all of your results at any time that's again the graphic with the bars it's going to take a moment. You can check your results per unit like so and then also this video section I just want to show you real quick these are part of unit 10 that you can also watch on different platforms,. You can also download the videos so that is cool or you can watch them online, and we have them dropbox so you can download them.
That's what it looks like. It’s pretty simple, straightforward and that's why people love it because it's so easy to work through and do, so let's let me take a look at some of your questions.

Here's a good question are there virtual sessions in the course, or is it completely independent so yes, you work through the course independently, but we also have this course as a non-tutored option and a tutored option, so with the tutor, you can ask your tutor questions at any time and get more insight and feedback and like I also just showed you, the two videos that you have available to you and those are videos that like demonstration classes. So those are good for basically how to do it and how not to do it so, but overall the course is done completely independently yes, okay let me check the next question from Caitlin does ITT offer job placement services? So we offer job lifetime job support to all. Its course ITT course graduates this includes access to our database of unique jobs teaching jobs all around the world and on advertised jobs from our recruitment partners that we work with a lot of recruitment partners who specifically hire people with ITT certificate. We. You. If also provide help with things like writing your teaching resume and a cover letter and also prepare you for the interview like interview questions and also a lot of schools and employers will ask teachers to sort of prepare and hold little mock lessons. We also help with that we can provide you with material, and there's also a lot of material in the course in terms of teaching material that you will have access to, and you can always use for your future classes.
All right, is there a time frame for the tests? Is it timing so no there's no time frame for the test itself. You can take all your time.

However, if so, when you go through the multiple-choice questions after every unit and then let's say you you're not done, but you refresh your page, that will be lost, so you should work through it in one go you can't save your results and then you know to finish it later that's not possible, but there's no timing you can take all the time you need for the tests.
Let me see, are there any other questions about the Course, so like I mentioned you need 75 total average to pass the course and then write your summative task where you can choose between a multitude of different topics and you write an essay of between 500 and 1000 words and you send that in that will be checked within two working days by our ITT staff, and if satisfactory, you pass the course, and you get sent your certificate in the mail to anywhere in the world, and you are ready to apply you will also receive a pdf version a high-quality pdf version of the certificate while you're waiting for your hard copy you want to arrive so that you can start applying for jobs. So that's also really cool all right? Let me get one more question are th,e questions straightforward or analytic? They’re pretty straightforward so the questions are always taken obviously from the material from the units, so if you work through the units, you read through the material you work through that then you're you'll be able to answer the questions so the questions are only about what's in the units nothing other than that so don't worry it's not too hard you can definitely do it. Our pass rate is very high only if only a very few people don't pass so and even if you don't pass, you can always retake. We have that option too.

Then we have a question in which countries is it required so in which countries are a TEFL course and its certificate required I asses you know in more and more countries; it is required big one is china where it is required for example you need to be TEFL certified to teach in china to get a work visa and that's also the case if you want to work for example where I am right now in South Korea for the public schools in japan for the public schools and also even if even in countries where it's not a requirement a lot of schools will require it themselves so they will only hire.
Teachers who are certified for sure, so it's definitely a good thing to have all right. Let me see when applying for English teaching jobs will it look better to have a certificate from ITT or a certificate from a regular university so what I can tell you is that people and employers around the world do recognize our logo we've been you know in the teacher training industry for two decades over two decades since 1997-1998. We are very widely known well known across the world we are a very renowned TEFL, TESOL provider so people would definitely recognize our logo, so it depends you know do you want, your TEFL certificate from a renowned TEFL provider or from your university if your university is also you know well known, it's your choice for sure but what I can tell you to know that ITTT is definitely recognized and renowned all over the world and employers do recognize the brand and appreciate and value it. One more is it a live long certificate, so yes the certificates do not expire they never expire and they also let me remove this maybe bigger so you can see every certificate has a unique number down here where you can actually input the number on our website and then an employer or you can verify that it is a valid TEFL certificate because there are some people out there who like to fake TEFL certificates you know they just print out fakes or photoshop it but this number is unique everybody has a unique certificate number and with this number, employers can verify that it is a legit certificate and they do not expire. Another question from Rana is it one exam for the course or an exam after each unit. So, our courses do not have a huge final exam. Rather, it has assessments after every unit. So there'll be 20 assessments 20 units 20 assessments after every unit and then after everything a task. Like I mentioned it's an essay between 500 and 1000 words that you need to write about a related topic, no final exam.
Our certificates are recognized all over the world also in the middle east and the middle east is especially a great area or region to work as a TEFL, TESOL teacher so we have a lot of people who move on to teach in the middle east and we also have a lot of people from the middle east who take our courses so definitely recognized in the middle east as well, oh this is a sweet one thanks so much thanks to you guys I was able to make my dreams come true I worked in china for one year thank you well that's awesome I were also taught in china for years so I feel you china is amazing, it's a great experience and I’m so glad that you were able to go to china with a TEFL certificate from
ITT, that's awesome. Another one from Taryn got my certification back in 2014, and it was great job-hunting services.

You know what i mentioned earlier about the job placement so we do not provide 100 job placement because we are not able to give a guarantee of a job to everybody because we have no control over the job market so we do provide a lot of job support like i mentioned and you know it depends on if you are stuck on you know teaching in one specific destination but maybe the job market in that destination doesn't really is great at the moment and maybe you know you have to be more flexible and teach in a different location so that can happen for sure rana another one okay what happens if we didn't pass the test from the first time all right so the test you mean the like one of the units so the good thing about that even if you don't get 100 all the time you know it's the average that matters so maybe one unit you'll do great the next unit you might not do so great that's okay because it the coverage of all the 20 assessment counts and so you'll be fine as long as you reach 75, you'll pass the course hi thanks for tuning in all right so the study is basically theoretical no internship linked to this course it teaches you the basics of teaching English, so the theory of teaching methodologies, classroom management, lesson planning all those important skills and throughout the units there will be exercises that will help you implement the things that you've learned and also in the assessments that you're able to you know do it practically and also the grammar part so you'll be able to also teach grammar so that's the two things about this course we do have sort of a specialization course that is a 30 hours teaching practice course that you can add on to the course where you then can teach, get your teaching hours and teaching practice in with real students that is also an option or if you do want to have more teaching practice then i would recommend going for us in-class courses.
We also offer in-class courses besides our online ones where you go to an ITTT TEFL center abroad. We have many different locations and you would spend four weeks there also studying the theoretical material and also teaching students so that is also an option okay another question here. Do you accept partial payment for the 120 hours course and others? Yes, we do have flexible payment options and if you email us our course coordinator will be able to help you with that but that is definitely an option that we do have. Yes great so thanks so much for tuning in this is so much fun. Let me see there just came in one more question from Rana, what are the requirements for admission?

The tuition fees okay sure so the requirements are you need to be a fluent English speaker you don't have to be a native English speaker fluent you need to be fluent and understand obviously English and you need to be at least 18 years old and that's about it so you can take the course from anywhere in the world and with a stable internet connection obviously, the tuition fees let me show you on our site.I’m Also I can drop the link hold on working with two computers here I’m going to pull it up for you okay.

If we look here we have this is our these are our online course options and this is the 120-hour course so like i mentioned before it comes with tutor support or without tutor support so without tutor support, it starts at 239 us dollars and with tutor support 349 us dollars and i just pull this up more significant no so that's that course right here and like i mentioned i think we have flexible payment options as well all right another question do you have TEFL TESOL centers in the UK and when will they be running again post lockdown we do have centers in the uk i'm going to just drop you a link so you can check out our uk centers let me pull that up for you i'm going to drop it into the comment box so here you can filter by locations and see which ones we have should be there now let me know if you can't see it i'll share it again but so actually next week we're going to do another live with our center in Ireland hopefully and they are running a sort of part-time online offline kind of program right now because of the lockdown and i think this would be great for you if you're interested so it is like the in-class course with a teacher trainer but in an online format also you get to teach and get teaching practice during the program so i think this be great for you.
you should look out for our next live with that information. That’d be awesome, okay this is great. Let me know if you have any other questions, and I’m also going to get back to your questions after the live in the comments so you
can keep dropping questions even after this live ends and thanks so much for everybody who's watching and asking so many great questions that's always really helpful for us you know to understand what questions you guys have and it's still fun like i said we just started doing our lives so this is going to become a weekly thing that we do and we're also going to have guests on in our future episodes so for example like i mentioned next week we're probably going to have on our Irish TEFL center and they're going to give you sort of a virtual tour of their location which is a beautiful seaside town i'm super jealous i really want to go there so look out for that we're also going to have guests on you know itt grads that have moved on to teach english abroad and they've moved on to these fantastic adventures so we're gonna have people like that on and we're also planning on having tefl experts on like recruitment agencies who can tell you you know all about the jobs the job side of things after you get your certificate because we work with a lot of recruiters all around the world and i think that's going to be super interesting to a lot of people okay all right one more question how did the students receive the certification so this certification that's what it looks like they will receive it in the mail after you complete your course and we send it out to worldwide any destination where you are and while you're waiting for the certificate we provide you with a pdf a high-quality pdf version of the certificate, so you can already start applying for jobs.
So and even now, during the pandemic, we have worked out special deals with DHL, and you will get your certificate even during these crazy times. All right good, then I'm going to end it here. Thanks so much for watching and, please stay tuned for our next live next week and keep dropping your questions even if you watch this in the playback and I’ll get back to you later. Thanks so much for watching and have a great day wherever you are.

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