120-hour TEFL Certificate Sample

All graduates of our 120-hour online course are sent an embossed, hard-copy ITTT certificate. Certificates are produced and sent out via registered post within two days of receiving your final course results. The cost of the certificate and worldwide postage has been included in the course price. Certificate arrival times vary depending on where you live and the speed of the postal services at the time.

If you would like a faster method of receiving your certificate, towards the end of your course you can choose express delivery via DHL, at an additional cost.

After completing the course, an electronic (PDF) version of your certificate will be sent to you by email while you’re waiting for the original to arrive.

Graduates of our 120-hour online course also receive an accompanying letter outlining the course components and stating your overall grade.

Employers, education authorities and immigration departments in several countries have increasingly been asking for notarized TEFL and TESOL certificates. ITTT has a few options to assist you with this. Please check with your employer to ask which option they would prefer.

We can take your certificate to a Notary Public in Thailand, where the certificates are printed. They will make a copy of the certificate and stamp and sign the copy as a true representation of the original document. The cost of this is US$45.

You can also have a copy made which is authenticated by the ITTT registrar as genuine, and countersigned by a Notary Public at the same time. We take the certificate to a Thai Notary Public, who will make a copy which is then signed by the ITTT registrar. He validates the registrar’s signature then stamps and signs the copy and attaches his seal. The cost of this is $95 for the registrar verification and Notary Public fees.

All ITTT 120-hour online course certificates can be verified through the verification page on our website: Certificate Verification.

Your employer or the local education authority can enter your certificate number and your name should appear, along with your course graduation date.

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