How to Pronounce 'CANOODLE' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word canoodle. This word is used as a verb and describes the action of kissing and cuddling amorously. The origin of the word is widely unknown.

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As a native English speaker it is easy to forget a lot of grammar rules, since we base off grammar on what \"sounds right\". It is important for TEFL to not only have a firm understanding on grammar, but also be aware of the complexities of it in English. I hope to continue and practice reciting the grammar rules in order to be able to be confident in the classroom setting.yes introducing games in learning process is quite helpful in making someone learn more quicky as it creates interest in the learners especially in primary and secondary level students , they show more interest and are more focus in filling the puzzels or what ever its about , so my personal experiance says that yes games can be good source of teaching sometime in the class.

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