The Future Tenses - Other Future Forms - Present Simple & Present Continuous


Besides the actual future tenses, we can also use present tenses to talk about the future. Two of them are the present simple and the present continuous. Find out when to use which tense for future statements in this video.

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My observation with this Unit is that one has to fully understand the tenses taught in the previous Units, to be able to fully understand the concepts of conditional and direct reporting. Even though I am a native English speaker, and consider myself to be above average with the language, this Unit has taught me a lot of what I know, but couldn't articulate. A great Unit!Reflecting upon this unit, I have learned about material I should use for the classroom such as the internet, books, authentic, non-authentic, and lesson plans. I have learned how to create and what kind of authentic/ non-authentic material to bring into class and what their advantages and disadvantages are. Having these in my classroom will better prepare me for my lesson.

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