Overview of All English Tenses - Present Tenses - Teaching Idea Considerations


Before looking at specific teaching ideas for the present simple tense, let's first look at some considerations for teaching ideas in general. We have to remember that these activities will be used in the activate stage of your lesson. Here, the focus will be on building fluency and using the language in a bit more of a free-flowing way yet still focusing on that class' language point. We also have to consider the appropriacy for a number of factors: timings. Whether the activity will be too short or too long. We want to look at ages making sure that the activity is appropriate for young learners or adult learners. We also have to take into consideration our language levels. Will the activity be appropriate for our starters or our pre-intermediates or our intermediates? Will the activity be appropriate for a small class or a large class? And last but not least, certainly, we have to take into consideration our students' culture and their interests making sure that the activity is appropriate for either one and finally, we need to make sure that we're maximizing our Student Talk Time. Are the students using the language as much as they possibly can while they're still in the class? The more appropriate the activity will be, the more Student Talk Time we'll get.

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Unit 8 is something that I was quite looking forward to since I wanted to complete the tenses as quickly as possible in order to think of ideas in order to teach it in a fun, efficient manner. I'm quite satisfied with my learning concerning the tenses so far. It does appear that I have a good grasp on it. A lot of practice with practical teaching would be the plan henceforth.I usually don't like to use coursebooks because I find them boring and doesn't fit the specific needs of my students, I always like to design my own activities and syllabus. I find that helpful for some classes, but not all. After finishing this chapter, I found several advantages about coursebooks that I have never been thinking of! I might consider using them in the future!

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