Overview of All English Tenses - Present Tenses - Present Simple Form


We'll begin our examination of all the tenses by first looking at the present tense. There are four present tenses and we'll begin with the present simple tense. It's the most common tense in the English language as it talks about things in general, general facts, routines, habits. Those are usages that we'll look at in a little while but first let's focus on the form of the tense. Here, we've got our subjects 'I', 'you', 'we', 'they' and the base form of the verb followed by the rest of our sentence. Here for the 'he', 'she' and 'it' subjects, we have to conjugate our verb and in this case we've added an '-es' for 'teaches' followed by the rest of our sentence. With subjects 'I', 'you', 'we' and 'they' the pattern stays the same throughout we use the base form of the verb. However, with subjects 'he', 'she' and 'it' we have some patterns for verb conjugations that we need to have a look at.

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Key Takeaways from Unit 1 : 1. Understanding that a teacher needs to wear different hats when delivering on her role as a teacher and should have the ability to guage the class environment and determine which hat/ role she/ he should play. 2. It is important to first understand the learner characteristics i.e. age, culture, language level before deciding on the lesson plan.This unit is related to the available teaching tools and materials. It teaches us how to use these things, how to avoid making mistakes. Besides it provides us very useful source of TEFL/TESOL teaching. It can help us to build a better knowledge of teaching English and we can also find a lot of adequate teaching materials from the website given. That's good and useful for us.

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