TEFL in Venezuela / Valencia

Date posted:2005-03-15 | Writer: Angel Guevar | Email: [email protected]

Description: Teach kids and adults in their own homes in Valencia, Venezuela. Bs.300, 000 (us$150) a month plus room and meals. Start April 15. Approximately 4 classes a day ( about 4 to 6 hours) from 7 am to 8 pm. No airfare or medical insurance provided. Only native speakers. Write to Angel Guevar at: [email protected]

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This lesson has demonstrated 2 lessons conducted in opposing styles. Acknowledging that 'all days will not be perfect', I believe that the attitude the teacher brings in to the class has a direct effect on the students. Therefore, it is necessary that the teacher plans not only the lesson plan and objectives but also the way she delivers the lesson that both teacher and students go away successfully reaching their objectives.I didn't remember which lesson was the \"good\" one and which was \"bad\" but I was immediately clear after a minute of the first video. Using words and phrases the students don't know over na dover when it isn't clear is not a good start. I was also annoyed he didn't know their names or attempt to use them often. The second video started well and even kept me engaged. I hope to utilize his energy in my lessons in the future.