School Looking for EFL Teachers in Turkey

Date posted:2015-12-09 | Writer: One World Language Academy | Email: [email protected]

One World Language Academy is an independent teaching agency looking for experienced, qualified native level EFL teachers to join our team in Istanbul, Turkey. An ideal candidate would be outgoing, energetic and have a good grasp of grammar, with a TEFL qualification. We are particularly interested in finding teachers with experience in business English and test preparation.

We've been running our school since 2009, and are all former English teachers ourselves who broke away and started our own company. The majority of the work we do involves providing private one-on-one lessons for local people looking to improve their English. We teach all sorts of ages, levels and needs, including general English, grammar, kids, business English, test preparation (particularly SAT, TOEF and IELTS) and more. We operate out of two offices, one off Taksim Square in the downtown of the European side of the city and another in Kadikoy, a main hub of the Asian side. We try to do as many lessons as we can out of the offices, but because we only have about 10 classrooms, the majority of lessons take place in students' homes, offices or even local cafes, if circumstances allow.

Students buy packages of usually 24 or 36 hours. These hours can be used in whatever combination the student wishes, but the most common arrangement is 2 hours, 2 times per week. We don't do 1-hour lessons. Timetables are set, and lessons happen in the same places at the same times with the same people every week, although there is a cancellations policy and we are flexible. Most of our students speak at least a little English already, and are usually looking to improve their communication skills. This, along with the fact that our clients are paying for one-on-one lessons, means that we try to tailor lessons and lesson plans to clients' needs and preferences, which means that textbooks are usually not used. Instead, reading and grammar exercises printed off the internet or copied from our library, and speaking practice through discussion are some of the best ways to get results in one-on-one classes. If, however, the student would benefit from a course book, we do give one to the student and one to the teacher. We have a set of resources, photocopiers and teachers' laptop at the Taksim office.

Our cancellation policy holds that students have up to two hours to cancel a lesson before its scheduled start time. If they do not do that we charge them one hour and pay the teacher one hour.

We're looking for energetic, outgoing native level English teachers who have a good understanding of English grammar and experience of teaching anything from toddlers to test preparation and business English. We have a few other business interests here too, and would be happy to talk to you about other ways you might be able to earn a living here, doing editing work and transcribing. We also teach Spanish, French, German, Russian and others.

Pleasant working environment, motivated students, and good reimbursement.

For more information on contracts, rates and procedures, please contact us at the email address given on the job heading. 

Thanks a lot


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Very interesting topic I think it was very in detail If I get a chance I will use it in the future , like always it was nice, but the only thing that confuse me and maybe I'm not the only one is that the videos does not go along with the units you have to look for what they are talking about and the instructor is all over the place, I don't know if you guys the fix that for future students.This unit walked about conditionals and \"translating\" from direct to reported speech. Conditional are \"if/when\" statements that come in five forms depending on the context, which is usually if something is likely/guaranteed to happen or unlikely/will not happen. Reported speech is relaying what someone said to someone else; you are literally reporting on what happened and what was said.