Job For TEFL Qualified Teachers in Russia

Date posted:2013-05-13 | Writer: Windsor English Language School | Email: [email protected]

Windsor English Language School is looking for native speaker EFL teachers in Moscow starting from now to September 2013. We provide a range of general and specialized courses to students and professionals. In addition to general English, our school provides IELTS preparation and ESP courses in finance, law, medicine and IT. Along with this, we have Content-based courses in Business and PR and English Club.  The company started its operations in 2003. Presently there are two schools in the centre of Moscow at convenient locations, and we teach about a thousand students per year. Windsor English Language School's head quarters and central school are within a fifteen minute walk from the Kremlin.


- Candidates be natives from the US, UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, New Zealand.
- Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language ( CELTA, TEFL, TESOL, etc)
- Bachelor's Degree or higher (preferred) 
- Between 1 and 2 years' EFL teaching experience in Europe preferred.


- 9/12 month contract with full academic support. 
- Full in-house academic support. 
- A teacher's monthly salary from 30,000 rubles (approx $1,000) for 26 academic hours a week or 36,000 (approx $1,200) for 30 academic hours a week. There is a possibility to have some extra hours for attractive remuneration: if you take 4-6 extra hours a week you will make an extra $500-600 USD per month.

Please take into consideration that the salary on its own is only a part of the remuneration package. The school provides the following free of charge: 
1. Good quality shared accommodation very close to a metro station. There is a free repair and replacement service. All utility bills are paid for except for telephone bills. 
2. Full visa support during the contract. 
3. A free medical card is provided for insurance purposes throughout the teacher’s employment. 
4. Unlimited metro travel card (which covers all expenses within Moscow and its suburbs). All branches are situated on, or near metro line. 
5. Reasonable flight allowance. 
6. Paid induction period. 
7. Meeting at the airport on arrival. 
8. Academic support (including in-house training, consultation sessions, mentoring for less experienced teachers). Teachers with sufficient experience will be encouraged to undertake the IELTS Examiner Training. Being an IELTS examiner is not only a step forward in your career but also an opportunity to earn money and travel all over Russia and Ukraine. 
9. Free Russian lessons for all levels given by a professional teacher. 
10. Free Internet access in the school; free coffee and tea. 
11. Bonus.

To apply, contact us at the e-mail address given on the job heading.


Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


A good teacher should be kind and patient so that the students or learners can feel comfortable in their class room .A good teacher should really love teaching so that she can share her knowledge in a passionate with his or her students. A good teachers should be lively and entertaining so that a teacher can develop a positive environment in the class and students will feel free to communicate.This unit has showed me what learning and development theories there are that I can use where appropriate. Also that a second language is not learned because of a must but a want. Further this unit shows how I as a teacher need to approach my classroom and students. It also helped me see that there are certain methods of teaching young learners that differs from teaching methods of older students.

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