Opportunities to Teach English in Korea

Date posted:2013-04-10 | Writer: Jeong Sang Language School | Email: [email protected]

JLS hagwon has regular opportunities for TEFL qualified teachers and is currently looking for teachers to fill vacancies in Shinjeong Elementary School. We have been in the Korean ESL industry for over 25 years now and have a solid reputation. We produce and publish our own curriculum and over the past few years we have been providing a version of our curriculum to the Korean public school system for their after school English programs. This curriculum and program is called "CHESSCool". It includes all the resources and materials (PPT, workbook, storybooks, etc) to provide the teacher with a fun way to engage the students while enabling them to use English as much as possible.

1.  Name of School: Shinjeong Elementary School
2.  Date: ASAP
3.  Compensation: 2,300,000 won
4.  Housing provided (or 700,000won/month housing allowance)
5.  Visa-type: only E-2 or F-6
6.  Location: Hwagok-dong,Gangseo-gu,Seoul (near Kkachisan station, line 2 or 5)
7.  50/50 of Medical Insurance, National Pension
8.  Elementary students
9.  Working hours: 11am-6:30pm(teaching time is 1pm-6pm or 6:30pm in some cases)
10.Vacation: National holidays, 5 days paid in the summer, winter vacation is unpaid and depends on the public school]
11.Contract Completion Bonus: 2,300,000won(at the end of the contract)

Please email us following documents to the address given on the job heading:

1. Application Information
a. Your resume, a cover letter outlining your experience in the educational field, your reasons for wishing to work for our company, the earliest possible date which you would be available to work.
b. A recent photo of yourself.
c. Available time for phone interview
d. Reference from your formal employer
2. Required Documents
a. scan of Passport
b. scan of ARC
c. A copy of verified diploma
d, A copy of Apostilled Nationwide Criminal Record Check
e. Reference from your formal employer

Thank you,

Any correspondence sent by post should be addressed to:

Hyejin Kang
Manager, HR Team

JLS (Jeong Sang Language School)
5th Floor Medidas Venture building, 994-3 Daechi 2Dong,
Gangnam gu, Seoul

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


excellent review for lesson planning, in the unit we have examined the importance and flexibility of a lesson plan. it is important and can keep you focused on learners objectives and timing your study phase and activities correctly. there is a great \"ready to use\" form that can help every teacher, especially to monitor a staff of teachers, their progress as a class and as an individual teacher.This unit covers modals, phrasal verbs and the passive voice. Modal auxillary verbs are used before other verbs to add meaning to the main verb and can be used to express obligation, possibility, permission, ability or advice. A few examples of modal verbs are: can, could, would and need to. In the passive voice, there is less emphasis placed on the agent or doesn't appear in the sentence at all.