Enthusiastic teacher wanted to teach TEFL in Surabaya, Indonesia

Date posted:2003-06-06 | Writer: International Language Studies | Email: [email protected]

We are looking for dynamic person to teach English to all ages (children, teenagers and adults, familiar with TOEFL/Business English). Total teaching hours will be 25 hours/week. Size of the class is in average 10-15 students. Each class/level has its coretext and test available.

Surabaya is known as the second largest city in Indonesia with friendly and warm people.Many local pubs are spread within the city centre for weekend breaks and there are many interesting places to visit such as : Bali Island (only 40 minutes by plane), Mount Bromo, Malang, Madura and Yogyakarta. Cost of living is considerably low and the city offers variety of local and international food.

We are offering a-12 months contract which is extendable. Salary is paid in Indonesian Rupiah. Return airfare & working visa will be borne by the school and a standard accommodation is provided by the school.Teacher will get a one-year hospital cash plan (Health Insurance Policy).Personal leave of 14 days/year in addition to a week at Christmas and a week at Muslim Ramadhan period during which times the school is closed.

Commencing date : Soon or the latest will be Mid-July 2003

We are happy to receive your applications in (cover letter, resume/cv and a recent photo) by email or fax. Please address your applications to :

Felicia D Koeswanto
International Language Studies
Jl. Ambengan 1 S, Surabaya 60272, Indonesia
Email : [email protected]
Fax : 62.31.5328369
Phone : 62.31.5342457

Below you can read feedback from an ITTT graduate regarding one section of their online TEFL certification course. Each of our online courses is broken down into concise units that focus on specific areas of English language teaching.


This unit, in my opinion, teaches how a teacher should try to behave and should try to get the student to a specific learning attitude. I feel that a teacher's most important role would be adapting to the students and their needs in order to make them improve and feel great. Especially for languages, being a teacher means caring about the human relationship between the class and myself and knowing when to adopt this or that attitude.This was a very interesting lesson though I did struggle with recalling the Straight Arrow lesson set up as it has been a number of months since I have been working on this course. As I am no longer in the classroom but working as a specialist in tech I am very interested in the speaking and writing steps. I thought the way accuracy and fluency was presented was very interesting and was not something I had ever really thought about.